"Fantasy" Western Carib. excursions


I get to book all of our excursions this Saturday at midnight and I think we’ve decided on everything we’re doing! In Grand Cayman we’re going to do the “Dolphin Encounter and Turtle Farm,” in Costa Maya the “Chacchoben Mayan Ruins - Adult Only Departure,” and in Cozumel the “Cozumel 12-Metre Yacht Regatta.” After the Regatta we’re going to take a cab over to “De Lille Watersports Cozumel” for Paddle Board rentals. I think I am also going to book Palo for dinner one night (or possibly brunch instead) too.

Any experience or opinions on those excursions?


We were in Grand Cayman in Sept. and visited the Dolphin Encounter (we had been to the Turtle Farm on an earlier visit). I have to tell you Wish - it was awful. These poor dolphins were in a totally unsuitable pool. The water was murky, warm, there seemed to be no filter system at all. The two dolphins that were in the pool were almost totally lifeless. I was so upset I had to go and sit on the bus. This shouldn’t be allowed. I’m surprised that Disney would recommend such an exhibit - this isn’t about the dolphins - it’s just a huge retail outlet with this pool attached as an afterthought. All it is is a photo-op. I’m telling you this because I know what an animal lover you are - I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be a part of it. We complained when we returned to the ship - I guess that is all we could do - but I really, really wouldn’t recommend it. I truly hope enough people complain and it’ll be shut down.


I don’t know if we went to the same Dolphin Encounter…the one we went to is right across from the Turtle Farm and is attached to a large retail outlet. It wasn’t our choice - we were part of a bus tour of the island. We personally thought it was terrible. The pool was small, too warm, murky…the two dolphins just seemed lifeless - it was more of a photo-op than anything, although you could get in the pool with them, no one did. I don’t know whether this is the one you’re going to or not. There may be another - but I would check that out first. We actually complained about it when we returned to the ship. It upset me so much I went to sit in the bus. I hope there is another Encounter that you’re going to - but I just wanted to give you a head’s up.


Ooo Llama, I just looked. It is the one across from the turtle farm :sad: That situation you described sounds sad, now I am rethinking. Yikes. I think we might skip it and get transportation to the turtle farm on our own and go there.


Oh Wish - I know you won’t be happy if you go there. I was so upset - we went back to the ship and complained about it. I’m surprised Disney would sanction it. And to tell the truth - Turtle Farm’s not so good either.:pinch: I’m sorry - but I just don’t want you to waste your time and your money - and be upset too.


No, I totally understand, I trust your judgement. I know how much we both love and respect animals. I can’t, it’s sad that the photos on Disney’s excursions site makes it look so happy & healthy. :pinch: I think I might still just check out the turtle farm just to see it, but I won’t support any of the dolphin stuff.


The Turtle Farm is ok - I think I was being too critical there. I mean - how can you know what a turtle is thinking? They’ve moved to a new facility since we were there, and it looks pretty nice! Yes - I saw those pics for the Dolphin Encounter - “not exactly as portrayed”.:glare: I think you new choice will be way more fun!:happy:


We ended up getting everything we wanted! I booked at midnight this past Saturday & we’re doing the Boatswain Marine Park & Turtle Farm in Grand Cayman, Mayan ruins in Costa Maya, and a 12-metre yacht regatta in Cozumel. After the regatta we’re going over to Country Club beach for Daniel to paddleboard & me to snorkel. I also booked a brunch at Palo, a dinner at Palo, and a cabana Swedish massage on Castaway Cay. Yay!


Thanks for your advice Llama!


Happy to help.:happy: Those sound like fantastic choices! We did the Mayan Ruins several years ago - it’s a hike - but it’s so interesting. Those Mayans did enjoy a good human sacrifice. Wear good shoes and a hat. The regatta sounds really fun!


…the Mayan ruins are amazing to me—I’m so glad that I didn’t play “games” with them back then tho----the losing team was pitched into a deep pit for sacrifice to the gods…talk about your signed contract details!!! :laugh::laugh:


Yeah - that was fun, wasn’t it? To say nothing of tossing around a ball made out of rock…which was played for days…with most of the players dropping down dead…and if you were lucky enough to survive you got sacrificed. Yeah, those Mayans knew how to have a good time.:laugh: