Fantasyland Expansion Begins with Groundbreaking at Magic Kingdom Park


From Disney Parks Blog:

A quick update…Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has officially broken ground for what will be the largest expansion in the history of Magic Kingdom Theme Park – Fantasyland. Just look at the images from the 1/4 inch dimensional model… it’ll be remarkable when completed. There will be four Disney classic-inspired areas or neighborhoods to explore. And one of the most unique offerings in those neighborhoods will be new interactive Storybook adventures with your favorite Disney princesses.

I am really looking forward to this expansion. I think Dumbo deserves his own themed area. I think the whole are will be quite beautiful when it is finished in 2013.


Wow. So excited. Thanks for posting this. I will see if I can get some pics when I am there next month.


Yay thats exciting lol, cause the next trip I take will be in May 2013, I hope its done by then.


I LOVE your countdown! I was the same way back in 2007. I started planning our 2010 trip right after we got back from our 2007 trip and have been counting down the days since then! LOL


Cant wait to see how it all turns out.


Exciting stuff! I’m not sure when I’m going back (:sad:) but I do hope to see it right after it is complete.


Can you imagine the people it will bring to the MK??? by that time- my kids will be too old for little kid stuff, but we will still be there, and loving it! I can’t wait! I bet it will be SOOOOO crowded when it opens…


Ooooo exciting!! This is going to be fantastic! An excuse for another trip me thinks!


I do believe they are opening it in stages, not all at once. So we should get a sample before 2013. I really can’t wait!


My only concern is where will Mickey and Minnie’s houses be. They were so cute, I hope they move them somewhere instead of doing away with then altogether.


Gosh that is a big expansion, but looks like an exciting area of development- shall look forward to seeing how it turns out.


So are they putting this in the old Toon Town? Guess I’m confused as to what’s going to look boarded up when we go next fall. They usually mask things well so I’m sure it won’t look to much like a construction area. It’s going to look so cool when it’s done.


This is so cool! Thanks for the info. Don’t know when we can get back, hope to see it someday!


It is in the old toontown fair and some other areas that had not been used before. It is going to be amazing when it is done. I’m sure Disney will do everything it can to keep is as unobtrusive as possible


Happy to share, I hope you get back there some day.


It does look like a large addition, I, too, look forward to seeing it all.


Wow 2013? I guess that gives me time to save money.


Anyone else see that the timing of this corresponds with Harry Potter opening up over at Universal? The timing is interesting but Fantasyland definintely needed some upgrading/renovating and something needed done to take some of the buzz(and not Lightyear) out of Universal’s big opening. Oh, one quick last thing, my 8 year-old DD and 6 year-old DS are coming with us in May and guess what they asked about? Yes, can we go see Harry Potter not anything WDW. But I did get the 6 year-old’s attention when I told him Star War’s characters will be there the 2 weekends we will be in the area.


Is there a target date for completion…


Yes, It totally has to do with H.P. opening at universal, but who cares. WDW is getting a great remodel and exciting expansion.