Fantasyland Expansion...WHOA!


I know that we all have heard news of the awesome fantasyland expansion, but I don’t think many of us realize exactly how BIG, AMAZING and expensive this expansion is!

Check out this video explaining the whole thing, complete with concept art:
YouTube - Disney World Fantasyland expansion announcement & makeover concept art

The video actually almost made me teary-eyed. I’m so excited that Disney is coming to this. They are TRULY advancing the standards for theme parks. The interaction in the new attractions blows me away. Especially the “circus” you can watch while in line for Dumbo! Imagine if all rides were like this. How amazing :slight_smile:

What part are you guys most excited about? For me, it’s the Little Mermaid ride, Beauty & The Beast restaurant and Pixie Hollow! I think Disney may have been a tad inspired by Universal’s Harry Potter park (The whole putting the guests into the story’s setting concept) but who cares? Awesome for all us Disney fans! Oh and sorry if some of you have already seen this video, just wanted to post it incase some of you haven’t yet!


One thing that’s been exciting for me as a CM is taking the bus backstage to the tunnel entrance and seeing the signs that say “Little Mermaid Deliveries this way.”


I think this was posted before, but it’s still so FUN to watch!!

The changes are amazing - I can’t wait to see it all completed. I’m a little nervous about Disney advancing so far into the future - there are certain “SIMPLE” things that I just LOVE about Disney, I don’t want it all “high tech” and cool, it will be nice to ride DUMBO again though! :laugh:


I cant wait for The Little Mermaid. It was the 1st Disney film I really remember and I swear I wore the tape out lollipop. I’m such a goober. I got all teary eyed at her part in Philharmagic!


I can’t wait to see it - looks amazing!!!