Fantasyland Is Looking Good!


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I cannot wait till these come to fruition.


I am looking forward to it being done too. I remember being there this past summer and seeing it all torn up.


I am glad I have one more excuse to go back,he he!!


I’m really intrigued by the mine ride. “First of it’s kind” ride tech sounds really cool!


We are already planning a 2013 trip. It will be thefirst time all the mini mice will be over 21. This ought to be good.


I can see it now. Boss trying to keep up w/ the Mini Mice on a libations tour through each country in WS. :eek:


I’m so excited! :happy: It looks like it’s coming along well. When my family was there summer 2010 and it was all torn up. But I liked that they have these walls up with quotes from Walt Disney on them; it makes me feel like they don’t want to ruin the magic.:blush: Although, when we rode Dumbo, when you made your elephant fly up and you could see all the construction, it was kind of neat.:laugh:


Ok, after seeing the pics in the link I just realized that the Little Mermaid ride is not going to be a coaster as i’d previously read somewhere.


Sounds like a new reason to ride Dumbo.


Oh boy - I cant wait…

One man’s dream!!! I wounder what he would think to all this :heart:


It means there will be more mice in the fountains!:laugh:


Now that would make one heck of a family portrait.