Fantasyland Redo Rumor - Bye Toontown fair

#1 linked to this rumored proposal for Fantasyland.

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Looks ok to me, I don’t spend too much time in toontown.


I like Goofy’s Barnstormer a lot. I did not read the link, but I wonder if it will stay.


it does have a pelocation fot that…


Toontown Fair is the “land” we usually avoid. I do like the character houses, though. And the Barnstormer is cute… so is Donald’s boat.


I think Donald’s boat is super cute too. The whole area does need a redo though, I would be ok with these plans! I was hoping for an underwater ride where 20,000 leagues was though!


There is some truth to this rumor as the other day I was shown blueprints to the proposal of expanding Fantasyland, including a whole area sectioned off to be Pixie Hollow.


Hey, No body cleared this w/my office!


I hope they keep Barnstormer, rides like that were a nice into to rollercoaters for ds. He loved/loves that one, even though he’s now big enough for things like Big Thunder.


I’d love to see some up-grades to Fantasyland before my kids outgrow it. But, I’d hate to be there during the “closed for renovations” period.


Supposedly (and I don’t see why they wouldn’t) they are going to keep the Barnstormer.
What I didn’t like is that this is going to cause a projected new coaster to not be built and MK certainly NEEDS a new coaster!!
Toontown itself isn’t much more than an oversized meet and greet area as it is. Sadly, this does also kill any chance of resurrecting the 20,000 Leagues ride, either as originally built or as the Finding Nemo Submarine Ride like at Disneyland.


I have never visited Toontown at WDW (spent way too much time in the DL version already!) so I won’t be sad if it goes. Fantasyland is awesome for character interaction, movie-themed attractions, etc. I don’t think Toontown is all that necessary if I’m being honest. It was a cute idea when it opened, but its time has probably passed.

I think a lot of these plans for Fantasyland seem awesome…but I am definitely sad that it doesn’t sound like WDW will be getting the subs back. I :heart: the subs so much.


Well maybe if they had that whole Roger Rabbit vibe going and the Roger Rabbit ride like DL, it might have a bit more going for it.


Very true! I consider Roger Rabbit about the only redeeming quality of DL’s Toontown.


I’m so glad they are leaving the Barnstormer…

Question: are they moving the Dumbo ride to new Dumbo area? It will be really strange to not see Dumbo right behind the Castle, but I like the idea the more I think about it!


This is all so very exciting. If only half actually happens it will be wonderful. I hope they get started on this stuff soon. My DDs are only going to be small for so long (although my oldest who is 8 told me today she will always love WDW. Then she asked me why do you think I cry every time we leave…I want to live in WDW)

The only part of Toontown I am going to miss is Minnie’s house. Everytime we go we takes pictures of our daughters in the same chair…guess we will have to find a new chair, maybe one in Belle’s area or a tree stump in Pixie Hollow.


My opinion on this is that I do agree that the Toontown area does need a revamp and does need some different attractions but also do not forget that this area is a decent area for the little ones who need an area to run free on ( ie Donalds boat and playpark) - I like walking through Mickey and Minnies houses even if it is for the zillionth time but for a small child to actually be ‘inside’ Mickeys home is just so magical for them. Now I appreciate that those people who don’t have kids or don’t want kids probably couldn’t care less about these attractions but I know my DD just loves this area as do many small visitors to the park.


Yes, my boys both loved walking through Mickey and Minnie’s house when they were younger and we still have to walk through, for old times sake. Donald’s boat was a godsend many days for us!


Eh…I’ll be sad to see Toontown change, but thats just the sentimental fart in me. Mickey’s house = SO CUTE. :crying:

I will really raise Cain if they remove the Barnstormer. It’s one of the more fun coasters in MK, and they NEED a kiddie coaster there.

Man, why am I so wary of the Fantasyland changes? I really liked it the way it was. :crying: (Barring Pooh’s playground.)


My DD5 will cry if they take away Mickey and Minnie’s houses . . . she loves them. I do feel that area could use a little revamp. There is that walk way that connects Toon Town and Tomorrowland, I know the raceway is back there, but they could do something to kick it up a notch . . . whenever we take that path at the Halloween Party, I wonder why they don’t do something there?


Yes, I know, we always think about that too.