Fantasyland refurb ?!?


I’m kinda worried… i’m reading stuff about a NEW Fantasyland… Fantasyland EXPANSION ?? Does this mean Fantasyland will be under construction during my vacation in January? :crying:


It’s all good. So some things are closed, the best stuff is still going on :wink:


Dopey do you know what attractions are closed? I think I read somewhere that Ariel’s grotto was… but it’s the only one I heard of


according to allears:
January 2011

The Fantasyland Forest development in the Magic Kingdom will necessitate the closure of several existing Magic Kingdom park areas in 2011, including Toontown.

In addition, certain entertainment experiences will be relocated:
• Meet-and-greets with Mickey Mouse will take place in Town Square Exposition Hall
• Meet-and-greets with Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, and Tinker Bell and her friends will take place in Town Square Exposition Hall.


Noooooooooooooo!!! Not ToonTown!!! Mickey and Minnie’s houses!!! :crying: Unfair :angry:


It’s not so great to look at - lots of boards up hiding the construction. Some rides are closed for refurb like “it’s a small world” Pooh is down too, but only until the end of October.

The grotto is gone, and so is the Pooh’s playyard. When I was there in August Toontown was still intact.

They have moved the character meet and greets to the bottom of Main St.

A lot of MK is being refurb, and January being an “off season” month, you’ll see a lot of it going on I’m sure. The magic is still there though! :heart: and don’t worry, it doesn’t ruin ANY of the FUN!! :wub:


I’m still very disappointed though… didn’t know this was going on at all… of course it won’t RUIN my vacation but still… :sad:


It is a mess and some changes are going on but it will be spectacular when it is done. I do feel for people that don’t get to go very often and then when they do they see some of the attractions are closed.


If you ride on Dumbo then you can see the work going on over the wall.


A cast member said to me : “There is some pixie dust going on at the Magic Kingdom® Park. For January we do not have any main attraction listed as being closed at this time. Toon Town will be taken down in the spring. Because it is possible for construction plans to change you can contact us again closer to your vacation to double check. Toon town is still open and the character greets have moved to their new locations so our guest can become familiar with their new locations.The theme park will move them again if they feel it is necessary.”

At least Toon Town will still exist in January :slight_smile: Well… I hope it’s “destruction” will go according to plan and won’t happen sooner…


Neverland, take it from me, while it may suck that certain attractions are closed now, it will pay off in the long run!! While I was down in Disney on my internship (I was a CM in Fantasyland) I got to see a lot of things on the plans for expansion, and it will be amazing!!! :happy:


I saw the video on You Tube, it will be amazing I agree. :smile: I’m just kinda mad that i’ll be going while Fantasyland is on refurb because I know I won’t be able to go to Disney World MANY times in my life; the last time (my first visit) was perfect!.. with my brother and sister. I kinda imagined this second time would be the same (perfect)… My boyfriend is coming with me this time but he’s not really a Disney fan so I guess maybe he won’t be willing to go back… :sad: my fear is to never be able to see DW again because i’m lacking people to go with you know :frown: the easiest for a trip is to go with your boyfriend, because with family members it could be more complicated since everyone needs to be available at the same time… anyway, I just FEAR to never go back … I wanted it to be perfect. I’M a big baby I know :crying: I can’t help it, this refurb thing is making me sad. :nonono2:


My DD boyfriend felt the same way about Disney, until we sent him to our DVC timeshare and added on the DDP. My DD did all the planning, picked out all the restaurants she thought he would like. Now, all he talks about is when are we going back. The same might happen to your boyfriend. In my experience, some people can be like “yea Disney” but once they get there and the Magic hits them, their hooked for life! Good luck with you trip, just keep a positive attitude and things will go great!


Well you just have to make sure your boyfriend has a good time. Be sure to choose some nice dining locations and such so he sees that it is not just a place for kids.


Sadly it is all boarded up.
Having been there two days ago and seeing all the cranes and the areas sectioned off did take away some of the magic Ill be honest.
To add to the mess they are refurbing Alice tea cups and Pooh ride
There seemed to be more under construction there then not
Hopefully some of it will be completed when you go


I view construction as magic made visible.


So true Soundgod.


Exactly my point Soundgod. I know all of this will result in a better Fantasyland but until then we’re stuck with a not-so-Magic Kingdom. If I’ve been aware from the beginning that MK was being refurbished I probably would’ve postponed my vacation in 2012 or 2013. But now everything’s paid… I’ll go, I just think the prices should’ve been adjusted since MK is under construction…


Neverland, it’s really just the central north area and north east area of MK that is affected.
If you’re in Frontierland, Adventureland, and most of Tomorrowland, you’ll never see it and you won’t see it in parts of Fantasyland either.
You certainly won’t see it in the other three parks.


Let’s just say I would’ve been less sad if the refurb was happening in Epcot instead of Magic Kingdom… lol :dry: Anyway I have no choice but to deal with it! I still am very excited for my vacation :minnie: