Fantasyland Update?


Since there doesn’t seem to be much going on here today…

…can someone who has recently been give an update about Fantasyland? I haven’t seen any of it yet—it was just a wall last year with a bit of the new castle in view—wait–I forgot that Dumbo’s ride was just opening…

Is it almost done? Can you walk all the way through it? I saw a Youtube of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster—is that the last part to open? Just curious.

When we are there next summer—this will be the “must do” for us—Fantasyland. :happy:


All of New Fantasy Land except for the Mine Train is open at this time. I would see and do it all - it’s NEW! I love what they did with the Dumbo. The New Mermaid is ok - I am critical and harsh with this opinion, but I had so much more in mind when I saw the gorgeous queue and outside building area. The attraction itself is “meh”. I feel so bad saying that, but it’s how I feel. I think the Story time with Belle is adorable!! Even if you don’t have little kids with you, it’s cute to watch. Take it all in and form your own opinion. The Mine Train opens this Spring, so it will be ready for you in the Summer! I am super jealous! I am heading back in January, but don’t know if I will make it down again until next Fall.


I think I read somewhere that the Lil Mermaid ride is the “Speed Dating” version of the movie…:laugh: It sounds like it may be a once in a while ride for us…but still…we have to do it at least once!!!

And from the construction videos, it looks like the Mine Coaster is similar to BTMRR perhaps.

I didn’t know that the Storytime with Belle was something you could just walk into. So you can go to that as a walk through then?–without reservations?

We will try everything at least once!! I am an old softie for “Fantasyland”…We wait in line for PP even without FPs…

Ok—now I am really excited—and have way tooooo long to wait…


[QUOTE=smallworld;1139773]I think I read somewhere that the Lil Mermaid ride is the “Speed Dating” version of the movie…:laugh: It sounds like it may be a once in a while ride for us…but still…we have to do it at least once!!!

Ha! That’s a good description, actually.

The first time I went through the Little Mermaid ride I was just delighted by every scene but the last one. But now that I’ve ridden it a lot of times I think, “Well, there’s not really much to that, is there?” So… to me it’s a well-done piece of visual fluff, but not compelling.

But since I’ve only done it at Disneyland, I’m actually looking forward to seeing the outside and going through the queue! :laugh:


SDMT is going to have what imagineers are calling a “unique” ride system. Some swaying from side to side is involved. The track will not have so many sharp turns as BTMRR. The footprint of SDMT is about twice that of BTMRR as a result. Looks like it’s going to be a winner.


I honestly don’t like what they did with Dumbo from an adult, non kid standpoint. You go in line and they give everyone a pager and then you sit in the tent with a lot of screaming kids having the time of their lives. I’m not. I want to ride Dumbo, not sit in a tent. I truly think the tent is a ride in itself so let the families who want to enjoy it get a pager and let the people who don’t want to participate continue on with the ride.


I thought the pager system was an option??? …to entertain the kids… I guess I didn’t think about having to wait with everyone else…last summer when we were there they had just opened the two Dumbo rides and the train station…but the waiting tent wasn’t finished yet.

Boy I better “read up” on this stuff…I haven’t been paying attention…because I didn’t think we were going for a long time yet…well…it is a long time till next August but…not as long as the 2-3 more years I had thought!! :mickey:


I thought so also but when we tried to bypass the tent several CMs wouldn’t allow us to do it. They said we would be cutting in front of the families. We waited about ten minutes and then asked for the exit. Two other sets of “adults” followed us out also.


We have never been in the kids area at Dumbo. Always went straight to the ride que.


The ride queue leads you directly in the tent. We tried walking past the pager handout stand but they stopped us and told us we had no choice but to take a pager and wait.


Maybe because all three times I experienced it, there were no lines at all…not sure, but I was not given a pager. I just walked through the queue. I do like that families have place to sit and let the kids blow of steam while they wait instead of forcing them to be patient in a very long line. Dumbo is cute, but I could care less if I go on it or not.


Yes I’m thinking it may have been the crowds as many posting here didn’t experience what we did. And that was the day that Disney extended its hours to 3am.


I liked the Little Mermaid ride, but for me, right now, that’s the only thing in New Fantasyland that I care about. On the other hand, I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE SEVEN DWARFS MINE TRAIN!!!
But when it does open, you know the wait times will be out of control! I’m betting it will equal the waits for TSMM, Soarin’, and Test Track. The waits will be worse than Space Mountain, at least for the first two years. That’s my prediction.