Fantasyland Walls Go Up


Here’s a video of the newly put up construction walls in Fantasyland in preparation for the renovation.


That’s one heck of a wall…oh well future magic needs a wall and all that.:laugh:


Thats a BIG wall!


Thanks for the link. Now we know what to expect!


Looks like I’m going to get a big stick and put my camera on it!!! :laugh:
Gotta see what’s going on…


so glad we went last weekend. i didnt realize it would be the last time my lil ones played on the pooh playground!


[QUOTE=WALL;1029086]Looks like I’m going to get a big stick and put my camera on it!!! :laugh:
Gotta see what’s going on…[/QUOTE]

I agree… :ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:


The walls aren’t so great to look at, but after visiting DL last week, it makes the current Fantasyland at WDW look so blah! It really does need a major rehaul. All the attractions in Fantasyland at DL have such great exteriors and the layout is so much more inviting. The outside of Small World is incredible! Can’t wait to see what the refurbs are going to look like.


Ew yuck, I don’t like the look of that. I’m kind of disappointed now. My sister is coming up tomorrow to meet Mom and I for my niece and nephews first time at Disney. I’m sad they won’t be able to go to Pooh’s Playground of Toontown. Oh well the building is a reason to take her back.


so what is still open in fantasy land.


[QUOTE=WALL;1029086]Looks like I’m going to get a big stick and put my camera on it!!! :laugh:
Gotta see what’s going on…[/QUOTE]

Good idea Wall. My dh always takes a tripod with him. Maybe I should have him extend it as far as it goes and put it over the fence. Trouble is, I don’t think they’ll be much to see yet.


everything except ariel’s grotto and poohs playground. toon town is still open.


It’s the Great Wall of Disney. I hope they have a safe build and look forward to the end product. It will sure look different for a long time.


I just want it all to be FINISHED! I am too anxious about all these projects.


Thanks for the great link!

By the way: There is a really good article on the expansion - with drawings of the new attractions and some old photos of Fantasyland in the current issue of D23 Magazine. I bought my copy of it at Barnes & Noble…


I’m kind of surprised that they didn’t pretty them up. Put characters on them or some sort of whimsical design. They’re very depressing to look at.


It’s a really weird time to be in the Magic Kingdom right now. Haha, so much was down for ren’s when I was there for my internship in March. The bathrooms in Adventureland will be down til August or so. A lot of the end of Main Street by the Plaza was getting fixed up. The Noodle Terrace was closed. Obviously all the changes to Fantasyland happening now, and the parts of Toontown they started groundbreaking back there in Feb. when I arrived.

Exciting! But scary! :blush:


Thats a BIG wall! Guess they don’t want anyone peekin! LOL


Woah!! That is a BIG LONG wall!! I can’t wait to see the finished product!!!


Unfortunatley we alll have to wait until 2013 for it! lol. :glare: