Farewell Disney-MGM, Hello Hollywood!


Well, today was the last day of the Disney-MGM Studios existance. Wasn’t over there to say goodbye, but to my knowledge no “farewell” event took place. So starting tomorrow, guest will be visiting the new Disney Hollywood Studios! Thanks Disney-MGM for all those years of joy. May the new Studios keep the fun going while sticking to the idea of an actual working studio from the days of old while paving the way for the movies of the future. Good luck!


Beyond the name change and logos, does losing the MGM change anything else inside the park (like rides being phased out or characters)? I was wondering if the Great Movie ride might be affected?


Anyone remember the TV special Disney aired when the park opened? I believe that John Ritter was the host. I do remember taping the special and watching it over and over again.

They’ve made a lot of changes, some I like and some I don’t, but it’s still one my favorite parks.


I was making my ADR’s this morning and the lady called it Disney’s Hollywood Studios…caught me off guard as I’m so used to calling it MGM. We haven’t been to the Studios since 2003, so we are anxious to see the changes this summer.


We thought the change was happening on Jan. 1 and were surprised that all the signs still said MGM, as did the buses. Guess they got busy changing signs yesterday instead.
Unlike other changes, this one is really very minor. Everything but the name stays the same.


It’ll be hard to get used to the name change, but I’m glad everything else is staying the same!


I always thought that part of the change was that Mickey avenue was now changing it’s name to Pixar Avenue to keep in line with the new change?


I’ve been making my trip plans and caught myself still calling it MGM. I wonder what appreviation (like MK and AK) Disney is going to use for it now. Maybe just Studios. Gonna need to practice!


I’m growing used to the new name, but it will take a while before I stop referring to it as MGM.


I am so interested to see all the new changes! This is exciting! In honor of the day, I changed my avatar this morning…

Interesting that the quote they have on the Home Page for Hollywood Studios is this one: “We keep moving forward - opening up new doors and doing new things - because we’re curious. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. We’re always exploring and experimenting.” - Walt Disney


And right you are! There’s also talk of another “land” being the title of the area over near Streets of America and Star Tours. Not sure what that name will be yet.


GMR is still the same. There are no longer any MGM characters around at Studios so no worries about characters going away. There will be other changes to come about soon. Of course, the Animation building will constantly be changing with the release of new films. Remy and Emile will next be replaced by Wall-E to meet guests. Man I can’t wait for that!


I want to say that the Unofficial Guide has referred to it as DS. That could be somewhere else, though.


Will the muppets stay?


Rowdy, since all the movies in teh GMR are MGM movies, will that be revamped sometime?


I’m pretty sure The Muppets were acquired by Disney many years ago.


I believe you are correct.


It’s not going to be DS without Muppets and GMR


Thanks brandon!! I just checked online and…

“After earlier unsuccessful attempts, The Walt Disney Company finally bought the Muppets in 2004[citation needed]. Exceptions include characters appearing on Sesame Street (as they were previously sold to Sesame Workshop), the Fraggles of Fraggle Rock, along with the above-mentioned non-“Muppet”-brand characters.”


I thought I had got that right Rowdy but when there is so much ‘rumour’ floating around I couldn’t be sure.