Fast Pass / Guest Assistance Pass


Can someone tell me how often you can get a fast pass?
hence the letter below…

my letter to disney…
> My family and I came to disney world last year and
> recieved a guest assistance pass with no problem
> ( I have degenerative cartilage in my knees). This
> year their are rumors that it is much harder to
> recieve one and that you are not even issuing them
> to people with autistic children anymore. My
> question is what do I have to do this year to assure
> we will get a pass and that our vacation will
> not be ruined.

the letter from disney…
At some of our more popular attractions, we have
> added the option of using Disney’s FASTPASS.
> Through this process, guests are provided with a
> return time card for an attraction, enabling them
> to visit other locations and return to the queue at
> a later time. To help the guest make this
> decision, there will be a clock indicating the
> window of time during which they can return to the
> attraction with no further wait if they choose the
> Disney’s FASTPASS option, and another clock
> showing the current wait time for the stand-by line.
> To give our guests flexibility in their
> schedule, they will always have a one-hour window of
> time during which to return. When they return,
> they will go to the Disney’s FASTPASS entrance and
> go directly to the attraction pre-show or
> boarding area.
> I would like to mention, guests with any queue
> related assistance needs are asked to use the
> Disney’s FASTPASS option wherever possible. We
> believe the nature of the Disney’s FASTPASS service
> provides the guest with the assistance requested
> while allowing us to maintain a fair and consistent
> policy for all guests.

I find it amazing that I can get a disablity parking through the state but not through Disney even with a dostors letter :mad:


WHAT! That is OBSURD!!!
and they blab on to you about the fastpass system…I’m so sorry! :sad:

Last trip with my friends mom we got one of those cards because she has a bad knee and wears a huge brace and it was wonderful to have that card so she could see more in the day without hurting her leg. That is a really horrible thing to get rid of.

on a happier note - WELCOME to Disney Central!!! :mickey:


The one thing about the fastpass that I really didn’t pay attention to, and I should have was the return time. You can only have one fastpass at a time, that’s fair but you have to watch the time. We had gotten a fastpass for one of the more popular rides and didn’t realize that the return time was for the fastpass wasn’t until something like 4pm. That gave us more than just the one hour that we could not get a fastpass anywhere else.

Will you be walking thorugh the parks or will you be needing the assistance of a wheelchair or an ECV? Guests with a wheelchair or an ECV on many rides - not all- have a special entrance and most of the time bypass any long lines. :mickey:


To answer your question exactly, you can get your next fastpass once you are 15 min into the window of your return time on the fastpass you hold. They should sell express pass like Universal does. I would pay big bucks to avoid the lines.


Thanks for the responces guys I wrote them back and told them about my disgust with their policy and I am awaiting their sugar coated response. I made sure to let them know that I have a letter from my doctor and that if I could get a handicap pass for parking that it was crazy I could not get one for 6 days from them… The fast pass is a great thing but it also they forgot to mention that it is not for all of the rides. So I will be standing in line anyways…I will let you guys know of my results


They will most likely tell you to rent a wheelchair if you have difficulty standing in line. The wheelchair can go through most lines, in a few cases you may get in quicker, but usually no quicker than using fastpass.


On New Year’s Eve,I was in MK. As soon as I walked in,I went to City Hall and explained to the cM that I was too big to fit through the traditional turnsitles of 3 of the rides I wanted to do that day(HM,Pirates,and Peter Pan’s Flight) and I needed a Guest Assistance Card to ride those attractions. I was issued one without fail. Don’t hesitate to go up to City Hall in MK and the other guest relations spots and politely but firmly ask for the Guest Assistance Card for you and your party. If the CM you deal with first says no,demand to speak to the highest ranking CM to be found at that time and stand your ground until you are helped.


Oh,another thing I forgot to say. I am going to Epcot and MGM for the day with my mother and next door neighbor. My neighbor uses a wheelchair to get around and we plan to get a G.A.C. when we get to Epcot. I will report back here tonight(or tomorrow morning) how we fared in obtaining one.


The GAC is a way to make CM’s aware of invisible disability needs. Most lines are wheelchair accessible and since a WC is not invisible CM’s know how to deal with that at their attraction (In some places where it is not WC accessible they will send you to the WC entrance). It clearly states on the GAC that you need to get a FP whenever possible and that it is not meant to bypass lines or decrease waiting time. If you have any questions about GAC;'s and disabilities at Disney I will be happy to try and answer them as my daughter and I are both disabled and got to WDW several times a week.


Thanks for that response, Mommy. That’s the best description of what the GAC’s are for that I’ve seen posted on a board.

I’d say, go to City Hall and ask for one…if for some reason you don’t get one then get a wheelchair…that will give your leg the rest it needs and will be visible to any CM that you may require some additional assistance.

Hope you have a magical vacation!


Welcome, New-dude. I was going to suggest you Not take the first response to your question. These are ‘canned’ or pre made responses. Keep following it, I believe Disney will accommodate your needs.


you guys are the most helpful and nicest people, I am really glad that we found this website!


We’re glad you did too!! Welcome!!


Ok guys here was my reply from disney…

You may wish to stop by any theme park Guest Relations location upon
your arrival to obtain more
information about our services for guests with disabilities. There is
a service option that has
been created specifically for the benefit of guests who, for various
reasons, may require special
assistance. Guest Relations can issue a Guest Assistance Card for
guests with a non-apparent
special assistance need. Depending on a guest’s particular need, this
card will alert our cast to
provide assistance such as allowing guests to wait in a shaded area,
providing front of house
seating in theaters, or allowing admission to attractions through
auxiliary entrances, where
applicable. This card can be issued for the length of your visit upon
arrival at your first theme
park, but cannot be arranged in advance. We would like to clarify,
however, the intention of this
service has never been to bypass attraction wait times, or to be used
by guests with discernible
service needs, such as guests utilizing wheelchairs, crutches, or
canes. To accommodate individual
needs, guests are asked to discuss their assistance requests with a
Guest Relations cast member
prior to the card being issued. A doctor’s note is not required.


Sounds better. And I’m sure you’ll be good from there, don’t you?


I think so…maybe