Fast Pass process alteration


Has anyone been admonished yet by a cast member for showing up past the allotted time on the fast passes? According to a couple articles I’ve read Dis is going to start enforcing the times beginning this month.


Just got back on the 8th from a 9 day trip and we had no issues with showing up beyond the return times.


Will believe when it happens… Have not heard anything about though…


There still seemed to be a lot of mass usage on rides like Soarin at the end of the day and they just kept sending everyone through. I agree with hanwill, I’ll believe it when I see it as well.


This would not make me happy!

Welcome to MB, Magical Mouse.


I’ve had a CM comment on it at Buzz, stating “oh wow, these are really late…um, I don’t know about this. Hahaha i’m kidding, go ahead, enjoy the ride.”
Could they possibly be pulling their leg as in my situation, or else a newer CM not aware of how things are done?


Thank you Andrea! Holding to the times would make planning a complete pain. Wonder how they would handle down time with the rides breaking. Image Splash Mt. being broken during your allotted time and you lose the fast pass after waiting over an hour to get a new one. :angry:


We usually don’t show up late because DBF is such a stickler for following the rules that he says if it says we return before such a time then we be there or don’t bother the poor CM with an expired FP. I have tried to tell him him, if we are late and they let us on, then great, no harm trying, but he just won’t go there. Maybe this trip I can get him to relax… it is WDW after all.


With dining reservations and wait times on other rides, it really hampers the amount you can do in a day if you have a 1 hours return window. I would rather them give you one per day per riding and make it instant usage.


Something stinks here.
Fast passes have ALWAYS been valid for the remainder of the day as an unwritten rule because it can be difficult to impossible to make it back when your window opens because you’re in line for another ride, stuck on another ride, at a meal, need to make an emergency return to your resort, was stuck in the bathroom, and a whole host of other reasons.

However, since 2008 when they redesigned the fast passes to clearly show what day they were issued, CMs do look at the DATE and will turn you away if your pass is for yesterday, last week, or last month.
OR, if it’s just one or two people, and there aren’t many other guests around, that CM could just as easily give you a valid fast pass to use at that moment so you could ride.


When we were at the WDW last month, we did see this happen a few times. I remember a family going up to Soarin’ and they were denied going in because it was past the time. We made sure to be on time with our fp’s because we had heard this rumor before we left. I just hope they rethink this, especially like the situations that were mentioned.


And this is another problem with strictly adhering to the indicated return window. You come back and the ride is down and they have no idea when or even if it will be back up today.
There is a solution for this problem.
If you ever do have a fast pass for a ride that has broken down, either that day, or on your first return, go to that park’s guest services, with your unused fast passes, and just tell them that the ride was broken down when you returned and they will give you a replacement fast pass that will be good for the entire day.
(And, if it’s one of those yellow passes, you’ll be able to hold onto that and use it on a future visit if you don’t use it at once)


When we were there a week and a half ago, there was one ride(don’t remember which- amy have been the safari in AK) that the CM asked that we please try and return during the stated times on the fast pass. Out of a 5 day trip, where we used a lot of FP, she was the only one to say anything. When I was there in August, no one said a word!!


We’re heading back at the end of November to enjoy the Christmas decorations. It will be interesting to see if we meet issues on that trip. I hate to hear that some are starting to see it popping up.


The purpose of the fast pass is to allow guests to go do something else for the time they have to wait for their reservation to be active. The hope of park operators is that you’ll spend the time spending money or at least enjoying being in the park doing anything but wait in a 60 minute queue. But park operators also know from experience, that it can often be hard to make it back to the ride in time and they make allowances.
If Disney has decided to be hard nosed about fast pass return times, combined with the ever increasing price of admission, hotel, and food, they could be looking at the kind of negative reactions that will keep guests away from returning to Disney parks and instead going to their nearest Six Flags or Cedar Fair park (which usually cost less and can be a day trip).


We were there for the first week of the food and wine fest. and attendance seems a fair bit lower that the past 2 years at the same time. I agree that they would not want negative feedback from this. Especially with universals attendance being up with the new HP attraction. We talked to a family on our return trip that stayed on site at universal, which we have never done, and they were boasting about the “walk to the front of the line” treatment they got there as resort stayers.


Maybe there should be a staying at a Disney resort guest line?
But since that could be as much as 50% of the people in the park
it might not work.
And is’nt Extra Magic Hours suppose to be for that purpose?
So any other ideas?


Extra magic hours is getting bad enough now with resort stayers pouring into the park at regular closing time. The past few years the wait times are not very good for the major attractions during the more active traveling times. We had 20-30 minute waits where it use to be walk-on a few years ago.


Haha this past summer I would’ve been happy to have a 20-30min wait. 60+ min wait for Soarin during pm EMH, and this was on a Tues night. The line was backed up to the podium.
I can see their reasoning for wanting to enforce the return time. I mean, if they didn’t want ppl to abide by that rule then why bother printing it on the ticket. However, if there is an enforced time to return i’d like to see the time window extended for more than an hour.


Good point. Look at Toy Story Mania. FP gone at 1215pm last week. Return times after lunch at 9:45am. Some flexibility would be nice if there is a clamp down.