Fast Pass Question


Okay so some of you Veterans I have a silly question about Fast Passes, how many can you use a day? Or do you have unlimited? Thanks!


You can use as many as you can get. There’s always a “waiting period” after you got one, before you can get another one. But there’s no limit


Dopey is right, you can use as many as you can manage to get. Most of the time you have to wait at least an hour before getting another FP so you can’t go around and collect them all at once but if you are smart you can always have one so. We always try to get a new FP before using the one we already have so the clock for our next FP attraction is already ticking before we walk on another ride.


If the return time on your current FP is way later you can get another one in the meantime. Otherwise you can get as many as you can use. And…you can’t use someones ticket unless they have checked into the park that day. Example… DH and DS like to do the mountain marathon on the last day. Space, Splash and Thunder. They will get FP’s for one and do the other and swap it up until they have had their adrenaline need satisfied! They left DD and I at the resort one day and tried to use our tickets to get themselves extra FP’s. Since we did not ewnter the park that day our tickets were not valid for FP’s.


You are able to get another fast pass as soon as the return time for your current one has opened. Start early in the day with this on the most popular rides. I like to bounce back and forth between main attractions. I start at rope drop and ride the favorites until the wait builds up and then grab a fast pass. I then grab a fast pass for my next attraction when my time opens for the other one…you can do this ALL day or until there are no more fast passes for the most popular one and in the most crowded times, this can and will happen. Am I making sense>? :laugh:


You can use as many as you can get in, but between each pass there is a certain time you have to wait before you are able to get another one!


Thanks everyone! That helps! I just read someones comment somewhere on this board and it kind of confused me. I haven’t been to DisneyWorld since 2000 so I just wasn’t sure how much it changed! Disneyland worked the way you are all describing so I kinda figured, but just wanted to be sure! We leave on Thursday! I am so excited!


Have fun and tell MICKEY hello for me!


Lucky you!!! Have fun and take lots of pictures.


One thing to watch out for is the return time for the fast pass. If it is several hours from the current time then the time you can get your next fast pass can be several hours too. For example if it is noon and the FP for Peter Pan is for 6 pm, then the next available FP might not be ready for you until 4 pm. If it is 10 am and the FP for Peter Pan is at 1 pm then the next might be available at 11 am. Hope this makes sense. Good luck.