Fast pass rant.....pulling hair out now


I have mentioned we are going to disney in Sept with DGDs. My DD is flying over the ocean from England and trying to make FP. She had some issues, tickets not linked and then she couldn’t find DH on the account. I sitting here ready to start taking the pepcid. This is not how a vacation should be.

Thank you for listening, now back to more coffee.


I understand your frustration. I’m not a fan of planning which rides I want to go on two months out.

I just renewed our annual passes (what a sweet deal that was!!) and had to call to get them linked to our account because the will call number didn’t work to link them. It was a quick process for the CM once I called. I bet IT can also find the missing person.


In the past when we have had friends joining us, I have called the 800 number and the IT people have been great for helping us getting them added to y Disney and linking things up for us.


I agree with the pain of having to schedule your plans so far out. I like some spontaneity. However, what can you do? I certainly don’t want to stand in line for 90 minutes to 2 hours so I will do what I have to.

I’ve already scheduled my trip for August and DW is just starting to schedule our trip in September. My sister and I were just discussing this yesterday. She will be there in November and doesn’t like to have to schedule her trip either.


It wasn’t a matter of not wanting to schedule the FP. It was being able to so. When I logged in and tried to add DGDs tickets to my account, it would say already linked to another account. DD going into her account could see the girls and me but not DH. She was making FP a few at a time. Logging in and out the two accounts. And timing like SSE for 3 for 9:15 - 10:15 and then for 2 for 9:55 - 10:55. She had an hour of free WIFI and then paid for an hour and still wasn’t done but it was enough to snag some of the big rides.

She called disney today and it took over an hour. Near the end of the time, she had two unhappy babies on her lap (she sent pictures LOL). Still not sure what disney did. If I go into my account, I see FP set up as 2 and 1…the 2 is me and DGD, the one is DH. No one else. If I go into DD’s account, it shows everyone but again broken up as 4 and 1…poor DH… DD mention the CM was moving FP so they were closer in timing. Cm thought she was done, but DD noticed a few DGDs disappeared. ok, they were found, I think we’re done…oh no, I forgot Fred… That’s why the ending FP is 4 and 1.