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I just read somewhere that someday in the near future there will be a charge for Fastpass for those not staying at a deluxe resort or better. Is this true?

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I think that’s just an ugly rumor. Of course, if they do that, they’d better make it just like Universal’s hotel based fast pass. Front of line all day long, no waiting for machines to tell you when to ride.


Well, how reliable is Birnbaum’s Guide 2006 “for kids, by kids”?

Maybe you’re right. They will do it like Universal does.

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Hi Lisa!
How are you? And how funny! I just ran a thread on this same issue yesterday because of the quote in the same book. And someone on the thread was going to email Disney and ask about this. THey said they will let us know.
Hope it is not true!


The rumor has circulated for some time. Hopefully it is not true. I think Disney would have a lot of angry guest if they did.


Well, no one thought Universal would really do it either. And they did.

My guess would be that Disney will wait at least long enough to see how it works out for Universal.

I heard they had lots of ideas for changing the fastpass system, but none of them involved making them only for Deluxe guests. What I heard was they were considering adding plus features to fastpasses for Deluxe guests. Meaning the ability to reserve a fastpass time from your room, or getting fastpasses for more than one ride at a time, etc.


What Universal’s doing is entirely different. From what I understand, it is they who are discontinuing the available for free express passes in the parks. The room key privledge has been in effect since day one at the Portofino, that’s kind of something different. Matter of fact, the hardware that Disney is using for the EMH wristbands is the same as Uni’s been using since 2002 as a keyreader. But Universal’s now treating their express pass like a Six Flags express pass. Premium price, just one ride on each of the big ones. The best thing I’ve seen, and I’ll admit it’s premium, but it’s worth it, is the Lo-Q that several Six Flags parks have. You rent a Q box for your entire group. You go to any ride and electronically check yourself in. You get a message telling how long your wait it. Then 10 minutes before your ride time, you get a message telling you to go to the ride. If the ride breaks down, you get that message and a new ride time if available. It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. But Disney and Universal aren’t doing that anytime soon.


Universal has already done away with their free Express passes.

I’m still crossing my fingers that it’s only temporary.


I’ve heard this before too but I sure hope it never happens. :mickey:


Thanks everyone!

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The Disney FastPass system is so popular, I can’t imagine they would take it away - but I could imagine that they would ADD some perks to the FastPasses of people staying onsite and that those staying in Deluxe resorts would get more perks than those in Moderates, who would get more than the Value resorts…


That sounds really cool.


I think it is a rumor and would start a caste system that would not be very popular.


They’ve capitalized on the fact that it’s FREE for a long time - it’s in their videos, on their TVs…I can’t see them charging!


I’m with you EJ.


Good point.


Danka, O Cavernous One!


I think we touched on this in a thread last year. There is a lot of resistance around DC’ers to adding perks to resort guests based upon the hotel you’re staying at. With so many people who post here who also stay at values exclusively, there would probably be outright revolt if an additonal level of fast pass was added to deluxe only. Not saying anything about it being right or wrong, just the perception would not be a good one.


Adding Fast-Pass perks based on where you’re staying wouldn’t bother me - just taking any away anything would. After all, you get more perks at moderates than values and at deluxe over values and moderates, etc…