Fast Pass


Hi my very smart Mousebuzzers!

I have a question. What was the first year that Fast Pass was used in the parks. My DH says 1999 and says he remembers them on our Honeymoon and I say after that b/c I don’t remember them. I feel like I would remember something like that but DH says the lines were so short that we did not need to utilize them.

So agian, in what year did WDW first install the Fast Pass System?

Thanks everyone!



1999 sounds about right. Wikipedia lists 1999 as the year it started.


I know it was 1999 :smile:


Cuz you partied like it was 1999?:cool:


Is it that long ago? gosh it doesnt seem that long oh well time flies as they say :slight_smile:


gonna party like it’s 1999.


dang pep…you stole my line!!!




Wow. I guess DH has to be right once in a while!

Thanks guys!



You know me too well :tongue:


Yes, give it to him. You’ll win the big one next time