Fast Passes for Toy Story Mania


We are going this weekend and I am wondering, does anyone know about what time the Toy Story Mania fastpasses have been running out for the day? We aren’t getting to DHS until later in the day and I am afraid we won’t get one!


We were at disney from Thurs, Aug 14-Aug 17th. MGM had early morning hours on the 15th. We arrived at MGM about 8:30am. We ran over to Toy Story Mania and the fast pass line was already insane. We decided to just get on the regular line for the ride. We were in line 40 minutes before we got on it. When we got off we went to the fast pass area. There wasn’t a wait at that time. It was approx. 930am or so…and the return time for the fast pass was 6:50pm-7:50pm. About an hour later we walked by the Toy Story Mania area again and the sign was up that all the fast passes were gone for the day.

We spoke to someone who had breakfest in the park before the park hours opened. He said after they ate castmembers directed them to sections of the park away from Toy Story. Then right before the park opened they were brought over to the ride and even then people were pushing and shoving. It is ridiculous!

I really dont know whether it is better to just get in line for the ride or get the fast pass. We were not sure where we would be at 6:50pm so we kept the fast pass. We were able to ride Toy Story twice …that first time in the morning, and once around lunch time. The second time we waited in line 60 minutes.

Let me just say…it is a GREAT ride…our new fav ride actually! We like it better than Buzz.


The first week of August the line was insane by 11:00, I think the wait was 110 minutes and the fastpasses were not until later in the evening. The fastpasses were gone by 1:00.

We made breakfast ADRs at Hollywood and Vine for 8:05 and went straight for Toy Story before the park opened. We were the first ones to get fastpasses and the first ones to ride. The ride is GREAT and you will want to ride again.

If you have the DDP try and get Adrs at Hollywood and Vine for breakfast. Its pretty good food and you will be in the park before anyone.


Wow this is some popular ride then!! thanks for the info in advance, really worth knowing.


When we went in June they were gone by 1:00 everyday. If you’re spending EMH night there you should position yourself in front of the FP machines around the time that EMH begins. They will be redistributing FP’s for EMH’s at that time. We missed that opportunity and ended up waiting until the very last minute to get in line for it and we still had to wait 45 mins.


We were there last week late morning and the fast passes were gone already, the line was at 110 minutes and they closed the single rider line. DH will not stand in line for 110 minutes so I guess I’ll have to book another trip to get to see it.


I can’t wait to try this ride. Thanks for all the great tips.


We were there the week of 4th of July, and they were gone by noon. I suggest getting there at opening time (take advantage of morning EMH if you can) and heading straight to Toy Story Mania. Get FPs and get in line. That way, you’ll get to ride it twice. It’s a great ride. I love it.