Fast Passess


How much are the fast passes??



Free to all guests. Simply use your ticket to get a Fastpass in the machine.


If they are free, then wouldn’t everyone use them all the time?? Do you have a limit?? Can you explain a little more in detail on this works.
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Hey PC holly! Welcome to DC.

I am not sure why people DONT use fastpasses all the time, but I’m guessing it’s because people don’t realize they are free, or just don’t know in general.

Is there a limit? Yes and No. You can get as many fastpasses in a day as you want, but you can only have one at a time. Usually the fastpass will tell you when you can get another one.

How does it work? Basically, you go to the fast pass area near the ride, slide in your ticket, and out comes a fastpass (and your ticket - be sure to NOT forget your ticket - that would be a mess!)

The fastpass will have your that days date, as well as a time to come back for the ride. IT’s usually a ‘window’ of time - such as 11:35 - 12:35.

You come back at your scheduled time, go to the FastPass enterance, and you may have a small line wait - but, usually that’s just minutes.

I hope this helps.

Oh, and just so you know A fastpass is about a little bigger than a theatre ticket stub.


Hi Erin,
THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR THIS INFO!! Oh my god, this will make a huge diffenence in the waiting lines. I am going the end of June and I see that is a busy time! I will be sure using them as much as I can. I was a little worried about my kids, as they are good for about 30-40 mins. and this would bring them way down!

Another quick question, do they have fast passess for the water parks??

People must not realize they are free. Most amusement parks other than disney make you pay for them.

Again, thank you so much for your detail reply.



FastPasses are available only for specific attractions (the high-volume ones) and you can only get one every hour or so. You have to use your park ticket/pass, insert it into a machine and it spits a FastPass back out. They are great, but there’s no way to use FastPasses for everything all the time - they aren’t available that way. In fact, if you try toget one sooner than the time allowed, the machine will give you back your park ticket – without giving you a FastPass.

I suggest you order the Disney Planning Video/DVD. It has a great explanation of the FastPasses…



Where do you buy that video??


You can order one for free on the disney world website!


Use this link:


I don’t think they have them at the water parks. I don’t know for sure, but I doubt it.

Hang on, PC Holly, I’ll get you some more info, including a list of rides in each park.
Phayes is right, it’s not realistic to get one for every ride, but it will be great to use during busy rides for the ‘must-dos’


:laugh: They are free as well. It’s hard to believe, I know. :flowers:

Sorry for the lack of a better explanation earlier. Welcome to DC.


Thank you so much for supplying the address. I was on that website for days trying to find some info to get.

You guys are great.

I am Pampered Chef kitchen consultant and I won a fre incentive trip. So I have to go the days they picked which is june 23-26th. But I am staying an extra day on sunday and leaving monday the 27th. Saturday night Pampered Chef bought our MGM and it is just for pampered chef people. So I want to make this a extra special vacation for my kids.

We will be using those fast passes. thanks again.

If you have any other free info I can apply for let me know,


Where are you staying? If you are staying at a Disney Resort, then I have a great free perk to tell you about.


I am staying at Port Orleans Riverside. what is close to me


On that link you sent me, it said the all fast passes are gone by noon, is this true???



You get to do Extra Magic Hours:

Read Here:

This is a great way to miss large crowds and it’s Free to guests staying at Disney.


If it is really busy, you will not get one every hour. Last spring break we were waiting 3 hours in between! It all depends on how busy the parks are.

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No way.

(Aside to my other “old-time” DC members: We need to educate this one…lol)


also you can use the fast pass any time after the time stated on your ticket, if it says return 12:00-12:40, you can return any time after 12:00, it does not have to be in that time frame.


Welcome to DC pc holly! Riverside is located near downtown disney. Fast passes never run out, if the park is crowded and many people get fast passes for the same attraction, it just means your return time will be later.

For example, on a slow day, you might get a Fast Pass (FP for short) for Peter Pan at 12noon, and your return time will be around 1PM. If it is very busy and you get a FP for Peter Pan at 12noon, and many other people are also getting FPs, your return time might not be until 3PM or 4PM. It sounds a bit confusing, but a cast member is always standing by the FP machines willing to explain things to you.:mickey:

A great book to pick up is Birnbaum’s Official Guide to WDW. It’s full of all kinds of info. Another great website is Please feel free to ask us anything and everything. Welcome again:flowers: