Fast Rides in disney world


before you go any fast ride eat after you finished the fast rides. You won’t get sick!


well, that’s random…

Actually, I have found that to be incorrect. I feel a lot better if I go on RNRC or ToT after I have eaten verses an empty stomach. I always feel sickish if I’m starving and going really fast.


I am neither. It doesn’t bother me to go on that at any time of day regardless of eating or not…fast motion doesn’t dictate when I eat.


I guess my family is different because we can do fast rides after eating and we’re all fine.


Same here! :laugh:


I’m so sorry for that mistake in my part. This is my tip!


To eat before or after a ride is an individual thing as it’s different for everyone. It makes no difference to me but my DW eats after


Personally, I can eat before or after. Doesn’t effect me one way or another. However when we were younger my older brother would :blow: if he ate before he went on a fast ride… so he isn’t allowed to eat beforehand.


I am the same way, I can eat before or after. I’ve learned that on REALLY intense parts of rides; like the backwards part of EE, or the “take off” on RnRC if I sqeeze my abs REALLY hard I don’t feel nauseous at all. Drops never bothered me, like ToT or Splash, I really feel nothing on those. I think my stomach actually feels better when I DO have something in it. One morning we went to MGM without eating breakfast and I think the LACK of food gave me a headache after riding ToT & RnRC.


I get sick because i’m nervous. And I’m only nervous when I don’t know whats going to happen!!

Because i’ve been to Walt Disney World a few times and been on most of the fast rides, I know what to expect, so I’m ok to eat before.

If I had eaten before my first time on Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, I’m not sure what would of happened :blow: hehehe