Fastest Finger!


When we were in Mousefest, we were entering Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. One of my friends, a gentleman, was being silly and scooted across the turnstile in a semi-sitting position. My friend and I were teasing him about how if he were just one inch shorter, he’d be singing soprano.

As soon as we were standing in the queue, a CM came up and asked if she could speak to us privately. We thought for sure we were in trouble for un-Disney-like behavior. But instead, she said she thought we were funny, and handed us these passes:

So we were lead inside and seated at the Fastest Finger Seats!
I’m sure it’s no big deal to normal folks, but to us Disney-Dweebs, this was exciting stuff! We even had a CM take our picture:

So, even though we never made it to the hot seat, we were feeling like pretty hot stuff for the whole show!


ooooh thats so cool! I love the pics :smile:
That must be so fun! I can’t wait to try that game out!!!


Very cool indeed, dweeb or not!


Wow, that was so lucky! Isn’t it fun when something unexpected like that happens?


It sure is! And only you guys would understand why. :happy:


That is SO cool! It would have been a big deal to me too…oh yeah I’m a dork that way…lol


haha, very cool.


That is so cool! :mickey:


It’s so cool when you are that close isn’t it? In July I made it into the “hot seat” and it was so exciting.


That IS very cool! :c) But, I’m a dweeb, so there ya go :ninja:


hee hee, yay dweebs! Lots of us here eh? :wub: I love that we all use the word dweeb…how dweeby is that! lol


Disney dweebs of the world,unite!!!


So … if I act dweeby, I can get a fast finger seat - is that it?

I was psyched when I made the top 10. I spent the rest of the day in the park telling strangers. “Hi, I made the top 10.” DW didn’t really think it was that funny …


Whoa! The hot seat! That’s way cooler than the Fastest Finger.

And Boss Mouse made it into the top 10? You guys have way better bragging rights than me. :happy:


ddoll, is that you seated in the middle?


I wish. :dry:
No, I’m the chubby broad on the left in the green shirt.


I love to have a face with the screenname! Wish I had been there with you!


I am a dweeb who thinks that is sooooo cool too. We have never done this because of the kids, but since we have a large group going this year, maybe someone else can take them for us so we can see this.


How sweet! I wish you’d been there too, MissD.

Mrspooky, you’re gonna really enjoy this one. It’s a lot of fun.


It was fun, but it’s really wierd seeing yourself on the tv monitor. There was a kid who got in it first with the fastest finger question, I had to earn it the hard way by getting all of the questions right :eek: .
I made it to three questions away from the cruise and got a bunch of stuff for getting in the hot seat.