Fastest Route to Japan?


Need some advice on the quickest way around WDW. Our flight is supposed to land in Orlando at 9:30am. We’re taking ME over to CSR. Hopefully we can do an early check in, but room probably won’t be ready just yet. So we made ADRs for Teppanyaki in Epcot for 1pm. What’s the quicket route to WS in Epcot? Should we just take the direct bus to Epcot entrance and walk? Or take the bus to MGM and then the boat over to the WS dock? We never took the boats in Epcot, so any advice is most appreciated.


I think you are best off just taking a bus to Epcot and running for it. I don’t think the boat will be much faster. You will have to travel twice to get there instead of once and walking. Maybe try and make that ADr a little later just in case. It stinks to start off your trip rushing to get some where.


Ditto. Make that ADR a little later if you can. You never know if your flight will be delayed (though if you’re the first flight of the day you’re probably okay).The Epcot bus will probably be the quickest.


Don’t ever step foot on a WDW boat unless you lke screaming and pulling your hair out. They are the slowest transportation ever known to man. Ox carts are faster. LIke above - the quickest is the most direct. Bus to Epcot and hoof it.


Thanks everyone. I guess if we get there a little late and can’t make the 1pm ADR we can always try to call and make it for later. Or, if our rooms just happen to be ready early by some miracle, we’ll get settled in first then try for an early dinner. Thanks for the info about the slow boat to China (or any other destination in the World). Do you think we’ll be okay though with a boat from MK over to HDDR?


Yes, you will be fine with that boat. Just leave with time to spare. You have to walk to HDDR from the boat launch drop off. Give yourself plenty of time.


Now, now, Llama, they’re not that bad. :tongue: WDW boats are “relaxing.” :angel:


So, we shouldn’t rule out the boat completely? If you do take the boat from MGM where does it go? To the Boardwalk? Can you stay on the same boat to get over to Epcot? Does is let you off right by or close to Japan?

Or, we could do like Dana said and bus it to Epcot entrance. Maybe we can swing by Soarin and hopefully pick up a FP, then hike it over to Japan, have a nice late lunch cause I know we’ll all be starvin by then, and then maybe get lucky enough to do Soarin’ before we leave to go back to CSR to check out our room and get settled. Oh, I can wait! Every day gets more exciting.


Yes, that will work. Grab a FP and have some lunch and then go back and ride.

Don’t take the boats if you are in a rush. I wouldn’t rule them out as transportation completely. I just wouldn’t take one if I was pressed for time hense the reason I said give yourself plenty of time to get to HDDR. I would leave your resort at least an hour and a half before show time. That will give you more than enough time to commute to the mk and then from the mk to FW and more time to walk from the launch to the show.


Thanks, Dana. We’re doing HDDR on a “free” day. We have a 9am O’Hana Character breakfast that morning, and the rest of the time nothing special planned. We’ll have plenty of time to get back to MK, maybe take in a few rides while everyone is occupied watching the afternoon parade, then hop on a boat around 4:00 to go over to HDDR for the 5pm show. Do I sound like an overplanner? I’ll have the entire day-by-day itinerary memorized by the time June comes.


There is no such thing as planning to much. You will have a better trip being organized. As long as you get throw caution to the wind when the mood warrents it and don’t get upset when plans don’t work, you are going to be perfect. An hour to get to HDD is perfect. You will be early, but that will give you some time to peek around FW.


I wanted to say I just love this post :laugh:

Thanks for making me spill my drink laughing :laugh: :laugh:


:laugh: If relaxing means banging on the windows, screaming “Get me out of here!!!” :noo:

We always have such bad luck with the boats. We either wait forever, they’re as crowded as heck, and they’re so closed in and stuffy they make me nauseous. I’d take ANY kind of transportation to avoid the boats. (Usually it’s my own two feet).

Except the boat to DTD. That one’s fine. You may use that one. Cause it’s not stuffy. And it’s usually on time. And the river is pretty.


I find the easiest way to get to WS is through the entrance by the Boardwalk. Prepare to do about 5-10 minutes of walking though, so make sure you’re there about 45 minutes before.


Alternate option:

Take a bus to TTC and then switch to Boardwalk or Yacht Club/Beach Club bus. Then walk right in the back door to EC at the INternational Gateway. You will be only moments from Japan once you get in the gates.

P.S., the boats may be SLOW, but they are the most magical way to travel in all the land!!! Be sure to enjoy them while you are there!


We loved the boats! That was one thing we really missed about not staying at YC this past trip!