Fastest way to get a PIN for


discounts is??? Please help. Anyone know which “Disney Gods” to pray to? I’ve already registered my email, booked my trip and dinner rezzis. Ordered trip DVD. Just curious…:whistling


It helps to participate in any Disney-related sweepstakes you can find. Mousesavers lists them under “Freebies”.


No one really seems to know how pins are distributed. I’ve gotten ONE in the course of 15 years worth of trips and it wasn’t even addressed to me…it was for my Mom and came to my email since I was planning/booking her trip!

Register for everything Disney. The official WDW website, Disney Movie Rewards, Disney Visa, the Disney Store, etc.


Just get a time machine and go back in time and go to a couple of times, then skip this last year. That seems to do it. I’ve gotten 3 PIN code offers since about October.


i got three this past year for room only the last one 40% off. which is how we are staying at AKL… really i just register for everything disney… i take all kinds of surveys and just make sure i am on everything. i am not saying that is why i get them but hey it cant hurt and Disney is my addiction.


I always call in to make my room only reservations and twice I have pins under my name when I go to make reservations.


Is this something that you inquire about when booking, or do the CM’s just offer up this information? I’ve never been told that I have a PIN associated with my name, but then again, I’ve never asked.


There are also public codes listed on Mousesavers, almost all the time. While not always as good as the private codes sent to individuals, they are still discounts. Money saved, no matter how little, is still a good thing.:wink:


Who gets chosen for a pin is random. No “fastest” way. sorry wish I had a different answer.


My friend SWEARS this is the answer:
Go to the website and book a trip…hit save for later and never go back to it. After the two weeks it gets removed and viola she gets a pin…try it out!


I always ask if there are any deals, specials or anything other thing that can get me a better rate. I have found that they never offer.


I called a few years ago and asked if there were any pin codes under our name. Mysteriously one appeared when they looked. And other times there was none posted. It never hurts to ask. The only thing that could happen is that you save a few $$$$.


I have been to WDW five many times over the years with my husband and two sons and I finally received one in the mail two weeks ago… it was addressed to my son. So weird but I used it.


[QUOTE=Pinocchio’s Pal;1069781]My friend SWEARS this is the answer:
Go to the website and book a trip…hit save for later and never go back to it. After the two weeks it gets removed and viola she gets a pin…try it out![/QUOTE]

OK, I tried that, so we’ll see what happens in a couple of weeks. Since the trip is already booked under my e-mail address, I used the account that we have under my husband’s name and e-mail address. Fingers crossed!


Thanks Everyone!!!


Who knows. I’ve had pin codes sent to me for folks I’ve rented DVC stays for some reason but I’ve never gotten one.

But WHATEVER you do…Don’t tell them that you know BossMouse or Wall for that matter. They are the resident trouble makers here. :laugh:

Oh, and welcome to MouseBuzz!


I have been a faithful Disney follower since 1986. My first trip to Disney was in 1972! Since my children have been old enough to speak we have been to Disney every year, one year we did the cruise. I have NEVER heard of a PIN and am now feeling a bit unwanted/unloved. I am going to inquire about this and ask for mine. I understand it is not owed to me, but you would think that since I have logged at least 30 trips, I should have had at least 1 pin. Thank you.


We haven’t rec’d a PIN in years…today we rec’d 2 for free dining; one under my husbands name and one under my son’s name.


I have a profile, saved offers, ordered the dvd’s,…PIN comes in my husband’s name, he does not do anything disney related. The disney visa is in his name, that’s it. I truly think it’s random, or they give it to nonfrequent visitors. A lot of people are getting free dining pins for this summer, going to be so crowded on top of the construction. I think it’s because of the construction that they are giving the pins. I do prefer to go during the summer but think it will be worse than usual this summer. Free dining is nowhere near our biggest money saver anyway.


Make that two of us!!