Fastpass and Extra Magic Hours


When you stay in the park for EMH how does Fastpass work? When can you get a FP? is it when the park closes for regular time?


Fastpass works the same as it does during regular park hours. Just report to an attraction that distributes Fastpass. Insert your park ticket or room key into the fastpass machine, and it will spit out the Fastpass that says what time to return in order to ride.


For the attractions that have run out of FP’s earlier in the day with the gen public are the machines reset to distribute more once EMH begin? We don’t normally do eve EMH but plan to more this summer.


That is my question too. Do they reset the Fastpass for the new EMH? So if they close at 7pm do they give new Fastpasses for the EMH at 7pm.


I didn’t think there were fastpasses during EMH???


Once we asked about that and was told “no, you don’t need them, park is so empty…”. We walked about 50 ft, Peter Pan had them, return time 11:45 P.M. So I’m thinking it may depend on how busy the park is that night.


I believe it does depend on how busy the park is and some attractions may have FPs and others may not.


My experience is that they redistribute fastpasses when EMH’s start.


Thx, that’s what I was wondering. We’ve done eve EMH 2x and couldn’t remember. We mostly do the morning and didn’t want to plan late nights if all the FP’s from some of our favs were already gone at 6pm by the gen public that weren’t even still in the park anymore :wink:


I agree with everyone above. We don’t usually do FP during EMH, but occasionally we do for Rock n’ Rollercoaster, and there have been times when it’s been open and times when it’s been closed during EHM, so I’m not positive!