FastPass and Morning Magic Hours


Do FastPass machines work during the morning magic hours? For AK I was thinking on getting a FP for EE and then going over to KS…anybody has an answer please? Also, I never used FP before, so I’m a bit lost…do you have to wait until the time it says on the ticket that you can ride an attraction to get another FP?


Lets see: Yes, you can get a FP during EMH.
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If the FASTPASS says 1:00 - 2:00 can I get a second FASTPASS at 1:01?
Yes. You can get another FASTPASS as soon your “window for entering the FASTPASS line” begins.

You can get a new FASTPASS up to two hours from the time you actually got your FastPass (it will never be longer than two hours, but can be shorter if it has been programmed into the FP computers to be shorter than 2 hours.)

In all cases the time you can get another FastPass is always printed on all FastPasses (if you received an Overridden FastPass because there was a problem with your admission ticket, it will not show a time).

Can I have multiple FASTPASS tickets at one time?In certain cases, as explained above.


Looks like you have your answer. Just remember to check the fastpass return time before you get the FP. Once you get that FP you can not get another until that time has passed.


Unless things have changed in the last 3 years, if your fast pass is from say 8:31 to 9:31 you should be able to pull another fastpass at 8:32!


Check the Fast Pass as it will say on it when you can get another one. This was the case when we were there in Janurary.


That is correct. DH & I did it that way last year. We timed it right and ended up having 3 FPs at one time.


The great thing is you can use them anytime after that. We didn’t use them the first year we were there but I love them now!