Fastpass+ Choices


We will be at the World next week and am wondering about your recommendations for which Fastpasses to select in each park. We’ve never had to worry about it before, just got Fastpasses as we go based on wait times… Now, I’m wondering which ones are likely full fastest with the new system. I saw a post about Enchanted Tales with Belle going fastest, princess meet and greet, etc (at MK). We don’t need any meet and greets. Suggestions? Any one had any recent experiences?


Since it’s such a personal thing, I think you need to provide a little more information! Who’s traveling, what you generally like, etc.


I agree with Andrea. It’s a personal preferance. That said, I just went through picking ours. The first park we hit will be AK. I FP’d Dinosaur, EE, and the Safari. We will probably standby EE once more and Dino once. Maybe catch Prime Evil Whirl and then head out to another park.

For our MK day, I scheduled BTMR, Space Mountain, and Aerial’s new ride.

For Epcot, I scheduled TT, Mission Space, and turle talk.

For HS, two days for TSM, ToT, and star tours.

All of the choices were based off of the one ride in each park we really want to get on. In MK it’s BTMR. My daughter loves this ride so it’s the one we really care about getting. Space Mountain is naturally a good, other choice, and Aerial’s ride is just a “whatever” pick. For Epcot, only was worried about FP’ing Test Track. That line was insane last time we went and while it’s a fine ride, I get so irritated with the wait that the ride is not as fun. With HS, the big catch is TSM. My daughter loves this ride and to me, it really is the only ride that we will benefit having FP+. For AK, EE is the ride we want to FP the most. Dinosaur is a close second. Could care less about the Safari but took it bc I like to do it once and sometimes the line is long.

Well, there you go. Just one family’s reasoning.


For what it’s worth, we hit EE first thing in the morning. DH rode three times in a row without a line… and could have continued. It just didn’t get crowded right away… and never really did. Maybe we were just there on a really good day?


The must gets are always Toy Story Midway Mania, Soarin’, Test Track, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain.
That’s pretty much my experience. Sure, waits can be really bad on RnRCoaster too, but I’m pretty much over that coaster.


With Rockin Roller Coaster, we are happy to ride single-rider, so we save the FP for TSMM. TSMM is much more fun to ride if you are with your group and I don’t think it really matters for RnRC.


You can’t do Soarin and Test track together anymore - only one or the other.

Pick you fast passes for late afternoon or early evenings when the lines start to build. Mornings are easy touring if you get there at rope drop. Why waste a Fast Pass on an attraction that has no line. Speaking of which, if you head to your FP ride and the stand by is low, change your fast pass right on your app for another attraction.


Thanks for the suggestions and tips guys! Having just got back, I would definitely recommend a FP for Enchanted Tales with Belle as that was pretty much the longest wait all week - 50 mins. Of course there were longer waits, but we had FPs for all the rest.


Definitely- that line was long even with FP! So did you have a great trip?


Everything was great! I’ll try to post a quick trip report