Fastpass Confirmation


Okay - I want to confirm that I’m using Fastpass correctly. It seems like when I read other threads, they use the Fastpasses more often than I have a chance to do, so then it makes me wonder if I’m using them correctly. I’m under the impression that when you use the Fastpass, you are not able to use it again until your posted time has shown, and you’ve used it. When we went in August, we would get to TT in the morning, but our time slots wouldn’t be until 1:30 to 2:30. Then when we used them, and went to use the Fastpass again, it seemed all the Fastpasses were already handed out to all the other rides, thus us only being able to use this once. Is that because of it being crowded, or am I using them incorrectly?


On our fastpasses at the bottom there is a line that says when you can get your next FP. If your return time is a while away for that ride, I’ve found it’s an hour after you’ve gotten the first FP.

So, if we got a FP at 10:00 for Buzz, and our return time was 1:30, at 11:00 we could acquire our next FP.

It works out great!!!


I never saw the time at the bottom. We could have done more rides last month!!! Oh well, live and learn. I’m glad I asked. Thanks for the input.


You don’t have to use your FP to get another one, they just throw them in the trash. You will see the time you can get another one at the bottom of each FP you get.


Check out this site:

Disney Fast Pass

There is a tutorial on how to get a fast pass and use it. There is a decent close up of a fast pass. Each Fast Pass will say somewhere near the bottom something like “Another Fast Pass will be available after xx:xx PM” or whatever time the next one will be available.

I have run into troubles with Test Track, the lag times are huge there, sometimes as far away as 6 hours. Just grab a fast pass and note when you can get a new one.


Keep a watch out for fastpasses that have been just put down as well. I got a couple nice rides on ToT and Test Track from fastpasses that someone decided not to use and set on top of trash cans. I returned the favor by doing the same later (haha!) Usually the times are old, but occasionally, someone left the park before their time came up!


I did get one fast pass over Labor Day weekend that did have have the time on it for the next available one…I may have received it during EMH or something. All the rest of them told me when another was available, usually before the window for the current FP.


We always wind up giving some away to people waiting on lines- I always seem to want to many and then at least one in our party doesn’t want to continue.


I have used fastpass even if it was pass the time. They look at the start time not the end time.