FastPass Lanyards?


[B][SIZE=“4”]Hello All. Not sure where to put this posting but I am looking to buy 5 Disney Lanyards with the plastic pocket-thingy for our upcoming trip. We still have the ones from last year but we bought them in the park…wayyy $$$$$.

Does anyone know of a website that sells them? Disneyshopping only has one listed and it’s from easter.[/SIZE][/B]


check ebay…that’s were i bought mine.

i sent you pm with the info. of the sellers i bought from…

good luck!


I’m curious. How much are they at the parks? We’ve never bought one.


Ooh, too bad you were not going to be in WDW a week earlier. That’s when Mousefest is going on. Several sponsors give them out for free there.


I got a nice one from when I bought my passporter!