Fastpass question/ staying of site


Hi everyone!

Our upcoming trip will be our first staying at WDW and off site, so our theme park tickets are paper too for the first time. Are we still able to get fastpasses since we are not on property resort guest? Do the machines take the paper tickets? I know its sort of a silly question but I never saw anyone put in a paper ticket into the fastpass machine…but then again I don’t think I ever paid attention either:blush:

Thank you:happy:


No problem. The fastpass machine takes all types of tickets. It’s available to all guests, not just on site.


Whenever they demonstrate the fastpass machines, they are using paper tickets :wink:


When you take your paper tickets to the turnstyles, they will issue you a new park ticket that you can use on the machines. :wink:


Thank you:happy:


I guess I need to watch our DVDS again…more closely:laugh:


Good to know thank you:happy:


Paper or plastic it doesn’t matter; I’ve actually used both. Fastpass machines accept them both.


Not to mention that annual passes are paper tickets and not laminated photo IDs.
Meaning that paper or plastic makes no difference, just so long as the magnetic strip can be read.
Fast pass is for everyone, same as transport. It’s EMH that you must be a Disney resort guest.


Thank you DayDreamer and Soundgod : )