Fastpass question


Hello there. I have a quick question. Can you get as many fastpasses as you want or do you have to wait to use your first one? If I remember right at DL you got a fast pass and couldnt get another until you used it or a certain amount of time went by. It would be awesome to get more than one at a time! :biggrin:


Only 1 fast pass at a time, we all wish it were different.

EDIT**being sent to the back of the class for having outdated info. :whistling


Your FP will tell you when you can get another FP.


Actually, the system changes from time to time. My understanding is that right now, you can get a Fastpass about every hour or so. When you get a fastpass, it will be printed on the ticket when you can get a new one.


Mickey is correct. It is based on time before you get another FP.

Sometimes you get a bonus FastPass for a different ride. We got one once for RnRC when we were getting FP’s for ToT.


Thanks for the help! I have been reading trip reports and it seemed to me they were getting more than one at a time. So thanks for the answers.


We have been able to get a FastPass about every hour or so. It tells you on your ticket when you can get another one… When we first arrive at MK early a.m., we go straight to Space Mt. get a FastPass, then either ride it without one (if the line isn’t too long) or go to Splash Mt., ride and then go to use our Space Mt. FastPass.

At MGM, The FastPass machines for ToT and RnR are close together, so we always grab a FastPass for one and then ride the other.

DS wants to make sure we do the same for Test Track & Mission:Space this next trip (honestly, I have never seen the attraction to Test Track - the drive down to WDW is usually enough automobile excitement for me! - lol)



Pete feels the same way about Test Track - he just doesn’t get the interest in it. I like it though, but when we went on Tue, I just couldn’t understand why Mission:Space had a 5 min wait while test Track was 25 min. Clearly Mission Space is the better ride, but Test Track’s always a longer wait.


Hey thanks for the info! I really dont know about the Mission Space as I get seasick! but definitely goin on Test Track!


Make sure you get your FP for TT as soon as you get to Epcot. The return time is usually several hours later. Also, we FP the RnRC and just ride the ToT, because the RnRC usually has a long wait. We get out FP, then right when we are able to use it, we FP another ride, then use the original FP. (We waste no time!).


Once, we had almost-simultaneous FPs for Test Track and Mission:Space! It was a HEADY feeling!


Last trip, we entered Epcot at around 10a.m. (I hate late starts, but we were tired!)

Anyway, a family walked up to us at the gate and said, “We’re going to another park, could you use our TT Fast Passes?”

Could we! By the time we walked over to TT, it was time to use them. SWEET!


when i was there in dec. it was every hour
when we were there in march it was after your fastpass time came around…which could be more than one hour or two hours…


Some interesting news on a fastpass trial…

9 April 2005: FASTPASS modifications

It looks as though some tweaking may be underway with FASTPASS, initially at Epcot. Next week there are plans to modify the system to significantly reduce the time before a second FASTPASS can be obtained (with the exception of a second FASTPASS to the same attraction). This is only a trial, and may or may not become a permanent change.


At Disneyland Paris, if you pay enough, you can get a VIP fastpass, which entitles you to get into the fastpass line all day as many times as you want. Better still, if the fastpass machine isn’t functioning you can go in via the exit and ride the ride over and over as we did with the Rock and Roller Coaster and BTM. We virtually walked onto every fastpass ride for the three days we were there. It was particularly useful on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which was very busy as there were some technical difficulties and only two trains were running. I don’t think they have these at WDW though, but it may be worth asking. :smile:


That would be so awesome! We use FP all the time and getting a second one sooner would great.


We tried to get two FP at AK within minutes of each other and couldn’t get the second one (for a different ride). We just explained to the CM what our schedule was and he said, “I can help you with that” and he opened the FP machine and gave us a FP. We were very grateful!!


Smee…what was your schedule? Hey, if it works…why not give it a try?


Another reason to be nice to CM’s is that they carry blank FP that they can fill out for a particular ride. On DS’ birthday, a CM whipped out a memo pad and wrote a FP for our entire family to Buzz’ Spin.


If I made each of us a special button or tag that said “First Time at Disney - YIPPEE!” they’d notice? Perhaps that would merit special perks! Wishful thinking, right?