Fastpass question


I am new to the fastpass and curious are all the rides at the Walt Disney parks all fastpass or a limited selection? If a limited selection how do I go about finding which ones are fastpass? Will be traveling with wife and a 7 and 4 year old. Thanks for any help.


I think almost every ride has a Fastpass. Once you log on to My Disney Experience you will see a list of all the fastpass attractions listed by park.


Virtually every ride and major attraction (shows) have fast passes associated with them. You can only get 3 per day (once you have used your 3, you can go to a kiosk and get more). When you make your selections, it is only good for an hour, so plan accordingly. If you have a booking reservation, you can make your selections 60 days out. if not, you can make them 30 days out.


Yes, you need to begin by creating a “My Disney Experience” account, including all family members who are traveling with you. Link your tickets there (and room confirmation if you are staying on site). You will see a Fast Pass tab. Even if before the 60 or 30 days out, you can go into that tab to look around to get familiar with it so when your window opens, you won’t have any delays with your selections.