Fastpass testing for "Celebrate A Dream Come True" parade


From Celebrate A Dream Come True news - FASTPASS test for ‘Celebrate A Dream Come True’ parade:

The Magic Kingdom is set to carry out a limited trial of offering FASTPASS for a reserved viewing area for the afternoon parade “Celebrate A Dream Come True”. The test is expected to run from early next week to mid November, with FASTPASS tickets being given out at random to guests earlier in the day. The viewing area will be in front of the castle.

I think this could be a success. This might solve some of the “we were here first/we’ve been here for hours/we deserve a better spot” issues. Just get a fastpass and you don’t have to worry about it!


ooh, I hope we are one of the lucky testers!!


Me too !!!


I LOVE this idea! I hope a fellow MBer gets this so we can hear all about it.


As long as it is for the reserved seating only and does not transition into something else. At one point I had heard talk of Fast Passes for rides, shows, etc. That would basically lock you in for everything (rides, dinners, shows, parades), etc. Seems like things are getting a little too structured.