Fastpass =


Are the lines longer now for all the rides since there are no more paper fast passes? We used to be able to collect at least 6 or 7 fast passes a day by planning our time. Now that we can only choose 3 with fast pass =. I am worried how it will effect our trip especially when we go at Christmas.


I’m not sure we’ll really know until crowds build during spring break and summer. We’re like you, we used 6-7 Fastpasses a day and never had to wait more than 20 minutes for any ride. I’m worried about long lines and no paper Fastpasses on our next trip, we’ll see.



We go during less busy times, but still I’m a bit worried a this trip.


It has been my experience that the stand-by lines aren’t as long with so many people having scheduled their rides for the day. I think it’s more the new you are worried about. Use smart touring and get to the park when it’s opens - scheduled your fast passes for the afternoon. It took me three trips to master this new system - it’s cake.