Today started my window to schedule my fastpasses. I noticed that the 7 Dwarfs Mine Ride is not an option!! Does anyone know why? When I was playing around on the site a few days ago, it was available, along with the Frozen princesses(which is not an option now also) at 30 days out. Thanks!!


I have Fastpasses booked for it for my July trip. I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing it as an option for you. Maybe they are all booked for your dates?


hmmm…don’t know why it’s not available to you?? My day to try is next week…


When I looked for it the other day, which would be a 30 day window, it at least showed up and it was marked “not available” on one day but was available the other dates I tried! I’m bummed its not there!!


If you are looking 30 days out—they may indeed be all gone. Those staying on property have a 60 day window to choose Fps…My August trip is open for FBs next week. That’s 60 days out. At 30 days, with this being a new attraction—they may be all gone by now. :frowning:


No I was playing around on the website the other day that would only allow a 30 day window. We are staying on property so today starts my 60 day window. I was able to make other fastpasses!


Just remember that if you don’t have a valid ticket or your AP is in a blackout period, you will not be able to make a single Fast Pass reservation.


Oh–that’s odd then that you couldn’t get a single time slot 60 days out. Keep trying…maybe someone will let one go. If you think that there is a problem with it I would call in and ask about it.


I’m going to call them later. We all have a ticket or AP linked to our name. I was able to make all our other fastpasses…


That is strange. I made our selections a couple of weeks ago (not right on our 60 days mark) and didn’t have a problem getting a time we wanted so I’m surprised they are gone right in your 60 day mark. Keep checking, you might find something


I forgot to ask—are you getting your Fps from the website or from the phone app? If one doesn’t work try the other way…just a suggestion—but yes—I would definitely call them and have them check availability for you.


I got the mine ride!! I went back on this evening on the home computer and there it was!! Hooray!!


Yay!! I’m glad you got it. I hope I don’t have trouble next week…


I’ve heard of folks having trouble getting both the Mine Ride and the Anna and Elsa FP through the MDE app, maybe that was the issue here since you were able to get one on your computer? At any rate, I am so glad you got one!


In the event that you do not have a fastpAss, no worries. The line moves very fast. We rode it when the line was at 60 minutes, and the line only took 40 minutes. The line moves very quickly.


If it is “Not Available” and doesn’t say that it is closed for refurbishment, that means that it is completely distributed at this time. Keep checking back - I’ve had luck with them opening up later!

*Edit: Yay! You got one!


Thanks, everyone!! I can not wait to try the Mine Ride out!!