Fastpasses will stay FREE!


Not sure if anyone else has talked about this but I just found on Mouse Planet
I’m sure glad that rumour was never true! :happy:


The fact that Universal charges non-Universal resort guests a VERY large fee to use their verision of the Fastpass was a HUGE disappointment to me. If Disney had gone down that path, it would have been an incredible let down in my book. I’m glad to hear it was only a rumor…


I very rarely use Fast Pass because I go so often,but I am glad that it will remain free!!


There are some very interesting ideas in the 2006 Unofficial Guide as to some enhancements Disney might make to the Fastpass system based on a US Patent that they were awarded in March 2005. The possibilities are too numerous to go into here (but they’re on pages 91-92 of the 06 Guide if you have it). Apparently at a media event in May 05 they issued journalists with a white plastic Fastpass card with front-of-the-line capability, so every time you put it in any FP machine you get a FP for immediate use with no limit to the # you could obtain at any attraction (ToT five times in a row anyone?!). This would of course only be available to Disney resort guests in order to boost on-site hotel occupancy. They also could introduce a tiered FP system where guests at more expensive Disney resorts or who spend more will get more enhanced FP features. Some of those enhanced features could include Immediate Freebie FP, Concurrent FP, Surprise FP, Advance FP and Television FP (order from the comfort of your hotel room). The possibilities are endless. So FP’s will stay free, but if you can spring for a deluxe hotel…I gotta go sell something and book the GF!!


Great news!!! It should remain free and included with the price of park admission. I couldn’t see Disney going this route to make a few more bucks.


The idea of this costing money was insane. I glad that it was just a stupid rumor that someone with to much time on their hands started. :dry:


And those are ideas I completely oppose. I think once through the gate, every guest should be treated like a V.I.P. There should be no “cast system,” that would ultimately boil down to the wealthy being treated better than those cutting costs at home and saving every penny simply to afford a value resort.

Keep the pampering at the resort you stay at. Give GF guests special perks you’re not going to get at Pop. But keep it out of the parks.


I agree with you on this one caver. A WDW guest is a WDW guest whether they stay on site or not. On-site guests already have the Early entry and after hours perk. They don’t need another one.


I agree too Cavey - well put.
Thats part of the legacy that Walt created, that every guest is treated as well as you call treat a person - reguardless of age,race,stature etc.

Thanks for all the info though disyady - it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out.


Actually, that’s not true: Universal’s fastpasses are free just like Disney’s.

They sell books of Front of the line passes in the parks. They’re essentially the same as a fastpass, but they don’t have any time window on them.


That’s good news, I like that everyone has an equal chance to get FPs.


Well said - and you’re welcome! The one I’ll be watching for is the Advance FP where you can get several on your way in at a central kiosk. Whatever Disney does, I’m sure they’ll make it available to all of us and our park experience will just get better! :wub:


I am glad that everything will remain the same and no one will be charged any extra. Though I believe that someday will we see some changes to the FP system. Disney knows that people would buy the FP if they had to, stay on site if they had to, ect ect.


I had actually never heard the rumor, but I’m glad it’s not true.

And like Ddoll said, Universal’s Express Passes are free, and the process is just like the Fast Passes. You CAN buy a book of Plus passes for about $20 (I think?).


Cavey,I totally agree with you. No one should be made to feel like a second-class citizen because they can’t afford the Deluxe resorts.


Well said, Cavey!

I’m so glad that this was just a rumor, though! :c)


me too Erin.


If they charged for FPs I would be an angry Goof Father! :angry:


and we don’t like it when The Goof is Angry!


:wub: You’re so cool, Jeany!