Fastpasses...after experation time?


I was reading on another board that a LOT of people don’t know this but:

You can use your fast pass any time, even way after the experation time on the ticket.
Now, I had no idea and never attempted this, but WOW would this open up some options…

Just wondering what everyone here knows/thinks about this?
True/untrue? Done it/never done it?



Well, I wouldn’t go as far as saying “you can use your FP at any time.” Yes, it’s been known that they’ve been accepted any time AFTER your window but I don’t know if that’s a rule or exception. We’ve only done that twice (once this past trip to DL and once in WDW) because we were held up elsewhere, and came back to the attraction within a couple hours of our time window. Although, I would assume that they’d have the right to refuse FP entry if it wasn’t within your time window, maybe these instances have just been out of kindness or understanding from the CMs.

Who knows, maybe a park CM here will know better. :smile:


Last summer, a CM at Star Tours told us they would honor them after, as long as its the same day. A CM at the Kilimanjaro Safaris told us the same thing.


Ditto, that is what we were told as well. We have DEFINITELY used them way after the time… but on the same day.


We have been told this as well. I was so surprised, considering in the past I was throwing out all the fast passes I thought had expired! :ohmy:


Your fast passes are good all day on the day of issue only.
In the past, I have been able to use fast passes from previous trips with no problem, but last spring some CMs started looking at the small print for date of issue.
Over last summer, the fast passes were redesigned so the day of issue is clearly visible. I can confidently say that you can no longer use a machine issued fast pass any day other than the day it was printed. But again, I will stress, you can use that fast pass right up to park closing. Remember, from the moment you got that fast pass, you have been “in line” for that ride.


We’ve always used fastpasses after the ‘window.’ We go in knowing we could be turned away but we’ve never had an issue.


We almost always use the fastpass after the window. A CM told me once the time is just a suggestion of when to come back. They will never let you in before but anytime after they will always let you in on the same day. I love watching people freak out because they think they are late for their fastpass time and then the CM just let’s them in like there is nothing to it.


I know, we did that as well. :pinch:


I was one of those people!
I’d always give my fastpass away if I didn’t think I could make it on time.

And I though I was a Disney veteran???
This is reall a HUGE find for me on this trip. I can’t believe I din’t know this or even try to do this ever.


Have fun with your new information. I’m shocked if we’re ever on time for a fastpass. We have never been truned away when we use one after the window but we didn’t push it on Christmas day when the CMs may be a little more strict.


Well, not any time… just as long as it’s later. They only give you an hour time slot to get to the attraction, so most CMs are very lenient… as long as it’s after (you can’t go a minute before… no, no!). This comes in handy when we can’t get to one side of the park due to a parade. Or we will get a FP even if it’s during the time of our ADRs and use it later. And sometimes, we get to the attraction and the FP line is very long… so we get out of line and come back later when it’s shorter.

However, we have never attempted to use FPs on a different day. That seems wrong… I don’t know how many CMs would catch that (they typically just give the FP a quick glance at the return time), but still. I save my expired CMs for my scrapbook.


Disneyland uses differnent colors each day. Now, technically, if they’re rushed, and they’re using the same color three days later as your expired fastpass, you might get lucky…


Ah, that’s interesting… is the different color in the text or on the icon? It seems like it would be easier to change font color. Is that more expensive to produce?


we have done this a few times as well. It is a useful tool as long as it’s not taken advantage of. This can really help in planning you day.


We have used our fastpasses much later in the day. I think WDW allows this, because, if you get a FP for something, then head to another area of the park to ride, see a parade or perhaps eat, you may not be able to make it back in the exact time frame to ride.
EE has a different word at the bottom of their fastpasses that changes each day, kind of like what Soundgod was describing at DL. DH got fastpasses one time, put them in his wallet. When we went to ride EE with our fastpass, he gave the CM another FP he had in his wallet from several days earlier that we didn’t use. The CM explained to us how it worked. So then, DH digs thru his wallet and finds the ‘real’ FP, and we got on the ride!
I am not sure if other rides are like this one, if you could use a fast pass from one day on another day. I think they are all dated, but if the CM was even awake, it would be easy to see they are from another day.


I’m surprised at this! I always give mine away if we don’t want to go on or think I can’t make it back in time. I always seem to get stuck with the super strict CMs, they make me wait if I’m like 4 minutes too early . . . guess I never tried going on AFTER my FP time?

Good to know! And, I seem to recall colors on the FP in WDW . . . like yellow, orange and purple come to mind . . . like as a little stripe at the bottom! :confused:


we used our fast passes a couple of minutes after the experation time and they allowed us but I am not sure about hours after experation time


At WDW each attraction had a certain color of FP.

I don’t know that you’ll ever be let in before your FP time but I’ve never been turned away for being late. We talked to a couple of CMs about being early and they said they’re trained to not let people in early, even by a minute.


OH right pooh is yellow, buzz blue makes sense!! :laugh: :laugh:

Yes, I’ve been a minute before and they point to the clock and say wait over there!! :laugh: :laugh:

Like I said I’ve never tried after I missed my time.