Fate of Castle Suite Revealed


I’m not usually one with news, but I found this while browsing…

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Cinderella Castle Royal Suite will stay open in 2009

Scott Powers | Sentinel Staff Writer
December 25, 2008

Cinderella is keeping the light on.

Walt Disney World confirmed Wednesday that the Cinderella Castle Royal Suite – created in early 2007 for overnight stays by winners of Disney’s two-year “Million Dreams” promotion – will remain open for selected guests next year, though on a more limited basis.

The suite is in a tower of Cinderella Castle, in the middle of the Magic Kingdom theme park. During the Million Dreams promotion, which ends Wednesday night, there has been a nearly daily sweepstakes prize for a family picked at random on Disney World property.

The suite’s creation captured the imagination of Disney fans worldwide, and its availability as a daily door prize for Disney World visitors created enormous buzz for Disney’s marketing campaign.

Set into space originally reserved as a possible apartment for company founder Walt Disney’s family when the castle was first built, the 650-square-foot, three-room Royal Suite offers a mix of 17th-century French luxury, 21st-century convenience and 1950s-era motifs from Disney’s Cinderella movie.

Features include stained glass, a mosaic floor, original Cinderella movie concept art by renowned Disney artist Mary Blair, a display case containing a single glass slipper, and a whirlpool tub. A concierge is on standby outside.

Almost from the start, the suite inspired widespread speculation about what Disney might do with it once the Million Dreams promotion ends.

On Jan. 1, that campaign is to be replaced with the “What Will You Celebrate?” promotion that strives to get people to bring their personal celebrations to Disney World.

The room will continue to be available for use as the prize for promotions, including some run by outside companies, Disney spokesman Rick Sylvain said Wednesday.

For starters, the room is being offered as a prize in a sweepstakes called “Inside Your Celebration,” organized by the Internet travel portal Orbitz.

"This ties in nicely with our ‘What Will You Celebrate?’ " Sylvain said. "Other uses and opportunities for the suite are still to be determined.

“We will continue to evaluate all options,” he added. “It’s all about ‘right fit.’ Not unlike a certain glass slipper.”

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Interesting. Glad to see that there maybe other opportunities to be able to stay. BTW Victoria, what did you wind up getting mom for Christmas? Also, have a great trip. I see that you have one day. How exciting!


:happy: I ended up giving her a sleep mask… apparently she had asked for one. I got her the best one they had… it wasn’t really expensive, but she seemed happy with it.

And thank you! Yes, I’m very excited - packing away, right now! (My least favorite part of vacationing)


I think they could easily incorporate the suite into the new promotion.
With so many people coming to WDW to celebrate their birthday, it would be very easy to award a night’s stay in the suite daily to a randomly chosen birthday celebrant.


WooHoo!! I still have a chance!!


Im glad to hear that it was not an “offered to the highest bidder” type of prize- who knows- maybe that is still an option depending on who you are.


I wonder if they’d let Miley Cyrus stay in the castle… they used her Sweet 16 bash as a promo for the “What Will You Celebrate?” theme.


I wonder if they already did… there is no way to know wether or not it is being sold to the higher paying clients


During our tour of the suite, the CM let us know that the rules for awarding the night in the castle suite are governed by the lottery rules (YOMD is actually a lottery)


but if they are also offering it up as something that other companies can promote then I wonder if the lottery was only for the YOMD promotion. Im sure they are getting a pretty penny to have that other company prize out that room as a prize.


Yes, I understood from him that once YOMD ends, the “random” lottery award would end. He did mention that both Mariah Carey and Faith Hill had asked to stay in the suite (and offerred $$$$), but WDW couldn’t accept it due to the lottery rules.

I’m sure now it’ll be up for grabs :laugh: