Fav Character Dining Experience?


What is your favorite Character Dining Experience? I would have to say I really enjoyed the breakfast buffet with Winnie the Pooh and Friends. Wich is wierd because I don’t eat breakfast foods lol. What did you guys like?


we didn’t especially enjoy the food (it was mediocre) but the girls absolutely adored meeting the princesses at Akershus. We got to see Belle (at the entrance), Aurora, Jasmine, Cinderella and Ariel there! They were over the moon to see Ariel in human form!! (though she was not an attractive princess!)


It would have to be CRT with the princess’. DD was just so into them at the time (still kinda is). I loved Crystal Palace with Pooh & friends. Liberty Tree was a nice change this last visit. Nice to see the characters in “period” attire.


All of the character meals I have been to have been very good. I liked the food better at Crystal Palace than at Chef Mickey’s, but character interaction was great at both. I think it was just a slow day at chef mickey’s and the food was cold on the bar. We are doing both again next month. I also really liked Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner. Food was good, although it seemed more crowded than CP or CM.


My favorites are Ohana for breakfast: Lilo, Stitch, Mickey

and 1900 Park Faire for dinner: Cinderella, Prince Charming, Suzy, Perla and Fairy Godmother.

For Ohana, I liked it b/c the CM told us to take our time eating so we can see the characters, we were not rushed at all. They also did a fun conga line around the restaurant and the kids played maracas to the L&S song “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride”.

At 1900 Park Faire, I feel that the food is a step above other buffets and the character interaction is fantasic (much better than CRT dinner). All the characters take time at each table. It is really a great way to meet Cinderella!


We love the character interaction at the Garden Grill. It has always been one of our favorites.


Our best, this past trip, was 1900 Park Faire. They were wonderful characters and each one spent some time with us!


i like the liberty tree tavern, uh huh, yup i do :laugh:


Me and my family loved breakfast with Lilo and Stitch at the Poly. The food was very good and the dining room was awsome. The characters played around with the entire family.:laugh: :heart:


I love character dining. It makes the Disney experience that much more magical.

Breakfast would be CP… I must each time we visit.
Dinner would be Liberty Tree.


Oh, I so agree! DH keeps asking if when the kids get a little older, can we stop doing character meals!:eek: I just don’t think I can give them up completely–I need at least one each trip!:blush:

As far as my favorites . . . hmmm . . . that’s tough! I guess I’d have to say Cape May and 1900 Park Fare–that one for both breakfast and dinner.


I don’t have a lot of experience having only been to Chef Mickey’s and Crystal Palace. However, if I had to choose between the two - Chef Mickey’s. I had soooo much fun that I plan to go each and every year.

Oh, the food wasn’t that great.