Fav Disney Treat


I’ve heard all of this talk about your obessions with Dole Whips, margaritas, Lapu Lapus, and ice cream. So, come on, confess. What are some of your favorite Disney treats (drinks, desserts, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream, and who could forget candy)? Where do you get it? What’s it like?

I made this post mainly to get educated on the best place to get a margarita and which of the 2 kinds of Dole Whips is better. :laugh: (I’m right, there are 2 diff kinds, right? Blame ignorance if I’m wrong) :happy:

So far, my fav treats are:
Pina Colada from Poly’s pool bar (it was a virgin one, but it was great!)
Mickey Popscicle (a lil piece of heaven in the hot summer sun)


Lapu Lapu-Poly
Dole Whip…YUM!




My absolute must have is a chocolate fudge brownie (the ones with the little white chocolate circle with a picture of the castle on top) and my tea-taken back to my room at the end of a long day of walking around the parks!


OH MY GOSH I have so many favorite treats

Mickey bars all time favorite
turkey legs
dole whips
ice cream sundaes at the ice cream shop on main street ( in a waffle cup )
chocolate covered marshmallows
and the glazed peanuts or pecans


Turkey Legs!!!


“zebra domes” at the AKL!


Nestle Ice Cream Sandwich! They are the best!


Mickey Bars are oh soooo good as well as those HUGE rice krispie treats covered in chocolate!!! :wub:





Jelly beans, cappucino, and creme brulee


So David…just to be sure…You like Zebra Domes? :wink:



Bella hearts Zebra Domes…

But there are just so many to choose from!
Here are just a few,

Dole Whip (I like mine Pineapple/Vanilla Twist with Sprinkels please)
Chocolate Chip Crossiant from POP food court (i am sure they have it in other Food Courts…I’ve just never seen it)
Coke Floats in a Souviear Cup from the Launding Pad in Tomorrowland
Popcorn in the Souvienar Container…can you tell i like reusable containers!
Root Beer Floats!


I had THREE fabulous mudslides in the River Roost Lounge at POR!

I :heart: Mickey bars. (and so does DS, as you can tell in avatar!)

My least favorite…the strawberry daiquiri from the POP pool bar.


Hmm, popcorn for sure! There is just something special about that Disney popcorn.

Milkshakes from Beaches and Cream.

Beignets from Port Orleans French Quarter!


DH and I have to buy a box of chocolate covered coconut mickey heads every time we go to Disney.


hee hee…I love it how we all HAVE to have these treats :tongue:


I love the breakfast lasagna at Crystal Palace.
I like the huge ice cream sundaes at the Pop food court.


What is a breakfast lasagna? Sounds yummy! :tongue:


SSN, you said it!!! I usually have two Mickey Bars per day and at least two of the rice krispie treats during our 10 day stay. The creme brulee at Le Cellier is another winner as well as the bananas foster dessert at Ohana. Oh, and I love the sugar free chocolate bars at Italy in EPCOT.

We’re going in November and I’m already spending three days a week at the gym and am back on Atkins in preparation for the big WDW binge.