Fav Hollywood Studios Restaurant


Besides Mama Melrose - I really didn’t care for it - What is your fav TS at Hollywood Studios (MGM) - and if you have a fav meal.

It seems like they don’t have alot of choices there.


You’re right hte choices are limited somewhat. We like Sci Fi for the atmosphere and if you stick to basic foods like burgers and fries ( I love the reuben) the food is fine.

We also enjoy 50s PrimeTime. I go in not expecting a 5 star restaurant (think TGI Friday or Ruby Tuesday type food) and we’re never let down.

I like both restaurants because they are different form where we can go at home and I like that when we’re on vacation. On food alone I think 50’s PT comes out ahead.


I also enjoyed 50s Prime time cafe. It serves ‘comfort food’, which is good. And depending on your server you can have some really fun times.


I really like 50’s PrimeTime. Entertaining and great food!


They definately need some updates as far as dining options goes. I had a REALLY good lunch at the Brown Derby a couple years ago, the Cobb salad was AWESOME & Daniel had some steak that was delish. Otherwise, if I had to choose a restaurant to have dinner there I would probably choose Hollywood & Vine. This way we could each pick & choose what we liked. I’ve only been there twice & the food quality seemed good for a buffet each time.


I like Hollywood and Vine and 50’s Prime Time


Hey Sue! I have to agree with you on Mama’s…we were not fans either. So much good Italian food around here, its hard to compete. I have to say that selecting a place for dinner at the Studios is always difficult for us, and we usually eat at a resort on that day. However, if I had to choose, I would also go with 50’s Prime Time. I did enjoy the meatloaf and especially the fried cheese appetizer. :happy:


My favorite is HBD, especially for the Grapefruit Cake and the Oyster-Brie Soup, which isn’t always offered. The Poinsettia Cocktail is fabulous! Love the atmosphere and service here. It’s like an hourlong vacation from a park day!

But we also enjoy the H&V buffet, even though a lot of people aren’t that impressed with it.

The Cuban Sandwich at the Commisary is delicious.

The atmosphere is great at Sci-Fi, but we don’t reallly like the food.


hmm… that’s tough.

50s Prime Time was a lot of fun (might’ve had something to do with the group).

Sci-Fi Dine-In has cool atmosphere, but the movies and loud noise gave me a sick feeling.

I haven’t eaten at Hollywood & Vine since they have implemented Playhouse Disney (that was my second choice for dining at Hollywood Studios with the band… figured we would have fun with the characters), but I remember having a grand time with Minnie and Goofy.

We were actually quite disappointed with the Brown Derby the last time we ate there (Christmas break 2006). Rachel’s food was tiny, and my dad’s wasn’t any good. Mine was just okay…


Sci-Fi is fun and the chili is ok.


I really like Sci-Fi. I had a chicken sandwich there that was delicious and the shakes…yum!


Oh yes the shakes at Sci-Fi :smile:


I agree, the atmosphere really brings out the great flavors. The service is top notch. Reserve it with the Fanatasmic Package :cool:


What food is on the buffet of the Hollywood & Vine? It really doesn’t list on the all ears menu.

** I’m just looking for ideas because if we decided to go to DW in October I would have to make reservations by April!


I found it to be very good for fussy eaters (ME! :laugh:) It has very basic items but they were very good. Stuff like mashed potatoes, green beans & carrots, turkey/chicken/beef, rice, corn bread, different salads, mac & cheese, etc… nothing fussy.

I forgot to mention… LOTS of good desserts to choose from.


I love 50’s Prime Time! We ate there once for lunch and we had to go back to the hotel and take a nap because we ate so much GOOD comfort food :laugh:
Sci-Fi was OK. The Dave enjoyed it a lot more than I did, but the atmosphere really made up for what the food was lacking.


I agree with Sci-Fi, I LOVE watching those old movie clips, & how it appears to be nighttime in there but the food was always kinda so-so.

I would like to try the 50’s Prime Time Cafe again but Daniel REFUSES, he’s afraid they are going to pick on him & embarrass him. So Sue… if you have family members that are easily embarrassed or would rather dine in peace 50’s PT Cafe might not be for you. :laugh:


There would probably be just DH and I going, so they would probably not pick tooooo much.


Sci- Fi !!!


This is the main reason we have never eaten there. My DH does not like to be picked on or the center of attention. I would love to try it some time though.

I agree there are fewer choices at DHS than other resorts. I think we are going to try Mama Melrose’s in Sept.