Fav park in the morning?


Just thought I would throw this out there…what is your favorite park in the morning?

I love, love, love the Magic Kingdom in the morning. All the singers out, the horse carriage ride down main street with the guys singing on the back, the people in front of city hall shouting that one of them is running for Mayor for another term. There is something extra magical about the MK in the morning.

What do you all think?


I agree, MK is the most magical place in the early a.m. From the opening to the activity on Main Street, plus the low crowd level. That is my pick.


I think it might just have to be Animal Kigdom. As much as I love MK, there is something amazing about seeing the early dawn rise over the tree of life. There is also a pretty nice (thought I don’t know what) smell in the air, its really refreshing and usually quite peacefull right at the beginning depending which way you walk.


MK is my favorite park no matter what time of day, but is truly magical in the morning.

I do think it’s best to start a visit to Animal Kingdom as early in the day as possible. The animals seem to be more active and the crowds are easier to deal with (or maybe it’s just that I have more patience earlier in the morning?).


I agree, Magic Kingdom makes me happy in the morning!


I have to agree with AK being magical as well. Animal Kingdom is beautifull in the morning too. Last we we had the oppertunity to enjoy the “sunrise sufari” that the Lodge offered.
A definite tour that you AK lovers must do at least once.


Animal Kingdom. There is so much more animal activity first thing in the morning than as the day goes on. :happy:


I love MK too but I have never been able to experience it at rope drop. We just cant get out of bed in time :laugh: We are more night people. When we are in Disney we sleep till about 9ish