Fav pics from last trip


These are just a couple of my favorite pictures from our trip last January. These are from our Photopass CD.

This one is me, DS John (blonde) and his friend Josiah. This was Josiah’s first trip. We were heading toward RnRC and Tot.


This one was taken at the Pirate & Princess Party. Can you see the “ghostly” images of other people in the picture? Did anyone elses pictures have this?


OK those are FREAKY!!!


Cute pictures! I hope you are going to post some more!

And yes, I have plenty of pictures with “ghostly” figures in them. It happens usually when you are using a slower shutter speed at night and the movement is what causes the “blur.”

I don’t want to threadjack your thread but this is an example of a photo I took using a slower shutter speed and the people look “ghostly:”


I didn’t take any of these. All of these are PhotoPass pics from our PhotoPass CD. And the ghostly images only appear on the ones from the Pirates & Princesses party.


This is DS’s favorite. He loved this ride. He rode this 13 times in a row!


This was our first night there. We ate at Biergarten. DS#1 loves that place. This is one of the few pictures he was in. He was only with us a couple of days. He didn’t have enough vacation to take a whole week off. My aunt is also in this one. She is not fond of having her picture taken. She is the one who took us on this trip.


Great pictures!