Fave counter service?


Ok, so we don’t tend to use the counter service outlets when on vacation due to the fact that we normally have a huge breakfast at our resort and then an equally enourmous evening meal ( ie Chef Mickeys/Ohana etc).
However, next time we visit we plan to take on the dining package so would like to get recommendations on your fave counter service places in all 4 parks as we really have NO idea!

thanks in advance! :flowers:


Hey, Stranger :wub:

Here are my favorites!

MK - Peco’s Bills! Yum!
AK - Tusker House (the best ever!)
MGM - Nothing super good, but the new one looks good Something Ranch Market.
I’ve never been to EPCOT, so I can’t help you there!!

It’s great to see you, again!


This one is at Downtown Disney - Earl of Sandwich - its awesome!!

AK - Flame Tree BBQ

Epcot - Harry Ramsens Fish & Chips

MK - Pecos Bills

MGM - ABC Commissionary


Thanks lovely lady! Good to be back. :wub:


MK: Peco’s Bill
EPCOT: Kringla (Norway)
AK: TUSKER HOUSE!!! (absolute FAVE is all WDW):wub:
MGM: Commissary (Cuban Sandwich)


Don’t listen to any of these folks before me… I’ll give ya the REAL scoop… :laugh:

MK - Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (Chesse sauce on the topping bar makes EXCELLENT cheese fries).

Epcot - Cantina de San Angel (Yummy Mexican stuff)

MGM - ABC Commissary (Not one of my favorites, but there’s not many CS places to choose from here).

AK - Flame Tree Bar-B-Q

DD - Earl of Sandwich (Great food, decent prices).


Epcot: Tangierine Cafe

I haven’t had enough time to develop favorites in other places.

But color me STUNNED that Erin’s never been to Epcot! :huh:


MK - Columbia Harbour House. If you are a little tired of burgers and hotdogs.

MGM - Back Lot Express

AK - Restaurantasaurus (haven’t been to too many at AK)

EPCOT - Tangierine Cafe (Morocco)


Epcot:Sunshine Seasons Food Fair(The Land)

AK:Flametree Barbeque

MGM:Rarely eat there

MK:Cosmic Rays(love them cheese fries!!!)


Ariel!! so good to see ya!
MK-Cosmic Ray’s or Pecos Bill’s
EPCOT- The Cantina
AK-Flametree BBQ
Now I am hungry.


I only have three (I’m a creature of habit and need to try more places):

MK - Pecos Bill’s

Epcot - Cantina de San Angel

AK - Flame Tree Bar-B-Q


MK - Peco Bills – the chicken wrap is GREAT!
Epcot - Mexico’s CS
MGM - ABC Commissary
AK - haven’t tried any here, but rumor has it that Flametree BBQ is great

DTD - Earl of Sandwich - you HAVE to try this!!


I agree with him. He has such good taste!


Magic Kingdom-- Casey’s (it is tradition)
Animal Kingdom-- Flame Tree-- you get a lot of food and it is really good
Epcot-- the counter service at the German pavillion (can’t remember the name)
MGM-- nothing stands out to me


MGM: Backlot Express - I just think its relaxing back there. Want to try the new one Flatbread Grill.

Epcot: Sunshine Seasons Food Fair at the Land. Excited about trying Tangerine Cafe -it gets such rave reviews!!


MK - Columbia Harbour House & Pecos Bills

MGM - ABC Commissary


Thanks guys ~ that certainly helps a lot.


Magic Kingdom - Columbia Harbour House - my new favorite - best tuna sandwich in the world!
Epcot - Food Court in The Land - something for everyone
AK - Tusker House
MGM - The Farmer’s Market place or maybe the Commissary (cs food at MGM isn’t that great, for some reason)
Marketplace - Earl of Sandwich


Okay, before my next trip I need you to help me convince DH to try CHH! He LOVES tuna sandwiches, but I just couldn’t get him interested in the place when we were there.


MK - Pecos Bills & Columbia Harbor House
EC - Cantina in Mexico (although I’m looking forward to trying the fish & chips CS place on my next trip… the fish & chips at Rose & Crown were GREAT!!)
AK - Pizzafari
MGM - never really been there long enough to eat :frowning: