Favor from someone going to Epcot soon


If you would, and then if you will share…

In the Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World book it says

On spaceship earth, as you pass the cave dwellers scene, take a quick flash photo of the wall directly to your right. You’ll have a fun surprise when you see the picture later.

Okay, I’m going in November, but I hate to wait, and I may not get it right, or forget to do it, so if anyone takes this picture and please post it. I’m guessing a “Mickey”


I wish I could say I am going soon but I’m not. You have me so curious as to what it is so if nobody takes this pic and posts it please make sure you:)


I have got to get this book!! I am glad you brought it up again!! Maybe today I can sneak to the book store!!

As for the picture, I go Labor Day weekend and will TRY!! It is not always a ride we go on.


I leave Tuesday, I have to get this book. If I remember I’ll take a photo for you.


I can’t wait to see what it is! I also need to get that book…


I’ll be there Labor Day weekend, too…we’ll be in Epcot on Sunday…we haven’t ridden Spaceship Earth since the kids were wee ones…but I’ll do it this time and try to get a snap.


I hate suspense… I will take a pic when we go in November, but I want to know NOW!

yes, the book is great for alot of trivia, talking fountains, special places to see numbers and their references, especially by designers and artists.


How current is the book? Don’t forget that SSE went through a major refurb last year. I’m trying now to think of where they mean and what might be there. I hope someone gets the pic so we can all see what it is.


hehe, that’s cool, I bet that book is full of neat little gems like that! Although, my husband would be annoyed at me for several hours if I took a flash picture inside a ‘no flash pictures’ ride. :laugh: He gets cranky about that stuff, he’d accuse me of being “THAT person.” :laugh:


Lol! My husband would do the same thing! He’d be disgusted with me the rest of the trip! :laugh:


My family and I will be there September 6th through the 12th. We have the book as well. I’ll try to remember to take a picture for you! :o)

  • Drea


My hubby would be the one to take the pic and say “forget the rules!” Ha!

We leave in a few weeks so I’ll try to remember to take a pic. I’m interested too!


The book is copyright 2009 and it talks about the refurbish so whatever it is, is there now.

And oops, yea, I’d break the rule just because I’m curious now.


I got this book from the library last week and I have been able to read about half of it so far. It is very interesting. I have to write all these little “hints” down.

It is a great read. I can’t wait to see what the surprise is…probably a sign that says “no flash photography”:laugh:


Yes please someone take the picture and share it it has us all wondering


That would be Hilarous :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:


Step one complete- I bought the book today!!


Can’t wait to see what comes up!!! Someone please post it SOON!