Favorite Birthday Restaurant?


Do you have a favorite place to eat on your birthday? Is there anything special that a restaurant does? I know we can order a birthday cake and at Tony’s they wave their napkins and sing to you. Is there any thing else?


I like Chef Mickey’s and Hoop Dee Doo for birthdays. Chef Mickey’s is just so Disney-ish and it’s always a party. At Hoop Dee Doo the cast walks around and visits with guests who are celebrating a special day.


I have been thinking about Hoop Dee Doo just because it is the only dinner show we have not tried yet.


At CP they have a b-day parade and you can order a cake(there not very good)


My husband loved the cake we had at Crystal Palace.

I like Chef Mickeys, Crystal Palace, and this past visit, we went to Le Cellier for my birthday, and it was just wonderful. :slight_smile:


I’ve been at WDW for 3 of my B’days and one of Gene’s B’days. If I let them know when I make my reservations, or if I let the server know that we’re celebrating a B’day, I expect them to say Happy Birthday, but I don’t necessarily expect them to give me something. I don’t know what restaurant I would specifically pick, but I can tell you what the restaurants did where we ate.

Grand Floridian Cafe brought out a cupcake with a candle in it and had the other guests sing Happy Birthday.

Citricos brought out a dessert for free and it had Happy Birthday written in chocolate sauce.

Akershus brought out a small cake (I was part of a group of 6) large enough to give us all a piece and gave me a paper signed by the CMs in the restaurant.

California Grill for Gene’s B’day… I let them know in advance, also when we were seated, and the waitress didn’t do anything until I pulled her aside after we were finished and reminded her. I forget what dessert she brought Gene, but I was very underwhelmed from the service at a restaurant of that caliber. I would have been happy if she had just acknowledged him in some way, she could have just said Happy Birthday.


For us it has to be Crystal Palace.
The table is all decorated when you get there, all of the characters sign a birthday card, cup cake for the birthday person and a lot of extra attention for the birthday person :heart:


:ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: We’ll be celebrating our anniversary there in November. I am hoping for a little sparkle :blush:


We had my birthday at 1900 Park Fare about 5 years ago. The CM’s (waiters) sang “Happy Birthday” to me then I got to go into the kitchen and decorate my own freshly baked cake!!! I didn’t expect this, and my wife didn’t ask for it! There was no additional cost, but I had to do this with 5 children. But hey, aren’t we all children when one is at WDW!!!
P.S. I don’t know if they still do this.


If I was in WDW for my birthday, which I never have been b/c it’s in the middle of July. I’d have to do something REALLY special for dinner like the Private Dining Experience on the Grand Floridian balcony or something special like that. We did go to California Grill for Daniel’s birthday one time and it was really nice. They automatically gave us a window table and they brought out a yummy chocolate birthday cake. What about doing something super special like the private dining experience or V&A’s?


I am in love with Mickey and was thinking Chef Mickeys for breakfast but CP sounds fun.


Maybe they were just having an off day!


I know you and Daniel are doing the private dining soon, how does that work? I haven’t seen any information about it.


I agree we go for my DD7 birthday, well for the last 4 years anyway, and CRYSTAL PALACE has been the BEST!! Altho, Chef Mickey’s gave her this adorable reusable placemat with all the characters names on it!!

This year we are trying the GARDEN GRILL, and doing Dinner instead of breakfast . . . I’ve heard good things here, so I hope it goes well!!


Maybe, but I forgot to post that I didn’t like the cake either. Hehe!!


You should do Chef Mickeys for breakfast and the Crystal Palace for dinner. :heart:


We did Chef Mickey’s one year for Mom and DS. They both got the placemats, pins and cards signed by all the characters. Of course there was the cupcake with the candle and the singing. We did Liberty Tree for Mom another day and she got the cupcake, card and a decorated table. It was nicer only because there was not as much noise and we enjoyed it. My favorite place was the character meal at the Hollywood and Vine. They don’t do this meal anymore. And then we celebrated other DS at 50’s Primetime once. We had a great server and she had everyone in our “kitchen” sign a card and where they were from for him, he also got the cupcake.


That sounds like it was fun although I don’t know that it would look very nice if I did the cake vs a Disney cake decorator.


We have been there once before on my birthday and I did get a placemat from Chef Mickey’s but never got a card. If anyone knows about the private dining at GF I would be interested in that.


My favorite birthday restaurant has to be Ohana’s I love love love the food