Favorite Counter service in Disney's Hollywood Studios


Many of my meals while at WDW come from a counter service restaurant in the parks. Which counter service restaurant in the newly named Disney’s Hollywood Studios is your favorite?


ummmm…Pizza!! Pizza Planet is my favorite!! You can smell it as soon as you head towards it!!


I honestly have never had a counter service meal in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I guess we always just grab a snack for a lunch there. Like french fries…


I’m a sucker for a good salad or Asian food, and the Commissary has both! So it’s a favorite stop of ours. Usually it’s not as noisy or crazy as Pizza Planet…It seems a bit cleaner, and better maintained, as well. The lack of dings, buzzes, and bells, is a welcome relief from a hectic day. :happy:


We always head to Pizza Planet!!


had to vote pizza planet - for the kids. i like abc commissary too though! it was a toss up!!!




We haven’t done any of them yet but look forward to this trip and I think we’ll be selecting Toy Story Pizza Planet as you can’t go wrong with pizza afterall


Since we haven’t eaten at any of these places, I’ll be watching for the results of the poll.


errrr… you forgot to list Starring Rolls Cafe, or is that not considered counter service?


Yummy breakfast at Starring Rolls Cafe . . . but I’ll vote ABC Commissary CUZ WE ALWAYS EAT HERE for lunch!

PS. Has the name been OFFICIALLY changed already? :confused:


hmmmm, that would be the one I’d vote for. I have never eaten anywhere else.

Starring Rolls gets my vote :cool:


I vote for the Cuban Sandwich at ABC Commissary and the Parfait for dessert! Yum!


I, too, have enjoyed a Cuban sandwich at the Commissary before, but we always eat a Pizza Planet-my husband and kids prefer that.


Hey, another vote for the cuban at the commissary. The kids enjoy Pizza Planet, but the commissary has a variety. We can all usually find something.
Not a big fan of the PP pizza.


We really liked the ABC Commissary when we were there in March. It was a good change from burgers!


None of the above. Toluca Legs Turkey Co.


We’ve only done the Commissary and liked it. Based on posts in this thread, it’s time we tried the pizza!
Where is Starring Rolls Cafe??


I wish you would have added the “None of the above” option. I have yet to be impressed with any CS or TS restaurant in the Studios.:frown:

I’ve never been to Pizza Planet though, so maybe I’ll try that one next time.


I was really surprised at the good quality of the food served at the ABC.

The curry was very nice in-diddly-deed.