Favorite Disney appetizers?


First there was the thread about favorite desserts and now one about appetizers :tongue: ! Although I must admit the dessert is one of the best things of a Disney meal! :happy:

So what’s your favorite?

Mine has to be the Cheddar Cheese soup at Le Cellier or the Sesame Wings at Concourse Steakhouse! mmmmm… that soup is calling my name and I have so long to wait for it!!


I never get appetizers at Disney, because I usually only get an entree (w/ a drink).

But with the dining plan I get an appetizer for each ts meal. Yeah I’ll definitely have to reply to this thread AFTER July. :happy:


Same here, the servings are so big we never get an appetizer but I will be trying some next week with the dining plan.


Definitely the Cheddar Cheese soup; but you forgot to mention the pretzel bread that you can dip into it! Dang, now I’m drooling all over my keyboard.


:eek: omg!! how could i have forgotten that pretzel bread!!! :eek:

thanks for catching that! :smile:


Another GREAT appetizer at Le Cellier is the Mussels! I’m having a Homer Simpson moment here…MMMMMMMMMM Mussels…MMMMMMMMMM Cheddar Cheese Soup…MMMMMMMMMM Pretzel Bread.


That soup is the best in the universe. Probably in all universes known and unknown. I am sure of it.


I don’t think I have ever had an appetizer at WDW :eek:


Penn Cove Braised Mussels at Artist Point. :-)```````


Hmm… that’s a tough one I guess I would have to agree with most others and say the Chedder Cheese soup is my favorite.


Oh man… It’s GOTTA be the sesame wings at Ohana’s. They were AMAZING!!!


Edamame @ Teppanyaki
The four cheese flatbreads @ Spooodles


I will have to agree with the DewMan about Ohanas but - Buzz is right too. That four cheese flatbread is mighty good.


Ooooh, do they have the super-salty ones? YUM.


This Kenyan Coffee chicken flatbread at Jiko’s.


Yikes! I never eat appetizers. I can barely finish an entree at WDW. I guess I’d have to say the pretzel bread at LeCellier…I’ve never had the Cheese Soup - not a fan of thick soups…I think I might be thrown out of the country for that… the chicken wings sound good…


We’ll have to try them there when we go this year since it will be our first time at Ohana’s. I’ll mark that down!


We get the appetizers when we have the meal plan then we can try alot of different things and not feel guilty if we don’t finish everything. If we didn’t have the dining plan I don’t think we’d have the appetizers. Or dessert either for that matter!


This board is so full of foodies! I feel so at home here! :tongue:

I, too love the pretzel bread and the cheddar cheese soup at Le Cellier, and the portobello soup at Artist Point…mmmmm soupy! :wub:


my favorite is the pretel and i can’t stay away from the funnel cakes either lol