Favorite disney character


I don’t know if its a right place to post it but please share who is your favorite Disney character. I like the Donald duck.


firstly Welcome to mousebuzz.

Without a doubt Genie is my all time favorite I love his humour. 10,000 years can give you such a crick in the neck… :cool: I try to have my photo taken with him every trip.

If I had knowen what I was doing when I singed up to mousebuzz I would have been “GENIE of the lamp.”


I gotta say Belle, similar personality. Although for pixar Dorry…bad squishie=)


Why Mickey of course :wub:

DH is Grumpy
DD16 is Ariel
DD13 is Belle
& DD12 is Jasmine


… Ditto :pirate:


Pam’s is Goofy
Mine are Chip and Dale


Ditto Rich, Chip & Dale for the classics (though Mickey’s right there too!)
Fave Princess: Aurora
Fave Evil Character: Malificent

In fact, I am demanding a Malificent costume for Halloween and I’m dressing my 4 yr old up as Aurora (her fave Princess, even if she does say Rorra:wub:)


Goofy :goofybounce:


Welcome to Mousebuzz!!! Mine is Tinkerbell.


I like Minnie! Welcome to MB!


Br’er Bear. Song of the South is my fav and he still cracks me up to this day…

(P.S. you can find an excellent version of Song of the South on DVD (just google it or message me for the link that I used to “purchase” if you like) from someone who did a great job ripping it from a VCR tape obtained from Disney Paris. As we all know, Disney won’t release it because of the fact that the NAACP is holding Disney’s feet to the fire due to “perceived racism” during a period piece. I don’t know of a soul (black, white, any culture for that matter) that feels that Song of the South is racist whatsoever… but I digress)


This is always hard for me, but I gues if I have to choose I’m going with Mickey Mouse! My top newer favorites are:
Phineas & Ferb


Welcome to MB and please make yourself at home.:happy:

I guess I’d have to say Mickey; because without Mickey there wouldn’t be any Disney magic at all.

Honestly, I love all the characters, even the villians, except those apes in Tarzan. Did not like the apes.



My favorite classic Disney character is Grumpy and my favorite “new” character is Kronk from the Emperor’s New Groove/School


Definitely Donald Duck and I do have a special place in my heart for Bullseye from Toystory :slight_smile: Welcome to Mousebuzz :slight_smile:


Eeyore is my favorite.


So many to choose from really Can I say I like them all equally.

In our family
dd loves Boo from monsters INC and Daisy Duck
ds is a Stitch freak
dd the disney dreamer I would say loves them all anything Disney is her favourite.
dw I would say Minnie
Me well its tough but I guess I like Woody or Rex the best.

Or maybe its Mickey after all the mouse was the vision of Walt

To hard to narrow it to just one


wife - eeyore
ds10 - mickey mouse
ds7 - sounds strange but “Mighty Joe Young” i pulled that movie out a month ago and he LOVES it
dd 3 - Ariel (EASY ONE)
Me - Alladin but Favorite WDW movie is Rocketeer


Welcome to MouseBuzz ClothBottom (intersting user name). How nice to have another UK friend. I still get excited when I see Mickey or Minnie, but my favorite has always been Pooh. Looking forward to seeing his new movie.


I think I’m down with the dogs.
I know interacting with Pluto always made me miss my own dog less and then there’s Goofy…hyuk!
These of course are the ones you get to meet.

If you broaden it out; Professor Ludwig von Drake (as a child of the 60’s I guess I recognized a bit of Einstein) and Iago (I’m a big Gilbert Gottfried fan).