Favorite Disney Movie Memory


As I sent my DD off for her first day of eighth grade, I looked up at her (yes she is taller than me now) and wondered where my sweet little girl went.

I thought I would share my favorite memory of her when she was two. She wanted to see the Lion King very badly. We took her to the movie theater but she just could not sit still, so sadly we had to leave. She was very disappointed.

We tried again, but this time we took her to see it at the Drive-In so if she acted up she wouldn’t be bothering anyone else. Well, she loved the movie. I can still picture her sitting on the ledge of the car window (me holding onto her legs) watching the movie in her little Lion King pajamas belting out the lyrics to “Hakuna Matata” at the top of her little lungs.

It still makes me laugh everytime I think about it. Anyone else have any movie memories?


Oh me, I do I do!! I have very distinct memories of going to see Cinderella in the movie theatre with my mom! I remember walking to the theater, buying the tickets, and sitting in those comfy seats that wiggled and rocked all over. Funny thing is, my sister went with us, and I have no re-collection of her being there. Interesting how we block certain things out, huh?


mine is seeing alladin for the first time. i could not get over how great the animation was. that movie is what got me into drawing.


I have quite a few, hoo boy.

Beauty and the Beast, I remember my mom literally gasping at the opening scene in awe, with the forest scenery and the castle growing closer. She still brings that up sometimes when I mention that movie, and I like that she can look at animation like its art (like me!)

Aladdin, haha. My best friend growing up and I saw that together, and we were so psyched afterward, we claimed we kept seeing blue because Genie was HUGE on the screen and took up so much room. We also jumped off the very low fence in my front yard yelling “gotta kiss the monkey! BLECH! Hairball!” for like an hour. We were maniacs, then again, we were 8 or 9. :laugh: