Favorite Disney production that is older than you?


Here’s the question:

What is your favorite disney movie/production that was release before you were born???

Ok to start…Mine is Alice in Wonderland…released long before I was born.


Wooow… That means I have a pretty big list of choices… :eek:

Well, my favorite would probably be Beauty and the Beast. :wub:


Mary Poppins!! It was released in 1964. I was born a long time after that!! (Well, maybe not THAT long):tongue:


Okay, following diisneygeek I feel ancient, lol. Oh, I mean, mine is B&tB too :wink: :oldlady: :tongue:

I’d have to say that my favorite Disney movie before I was born has got to be Peter Pan :wub:


I’ll just go with Mickey Mouse. He’s the same age as my mother. Born in 1928.


Lady & The Tramp. It pre-dates me by nine years.


Grandma and Mickey were born the same year???:ohmy:

Why didn’t I know this? The secrets this family keeps!!!

BTW…this explains your and my addiction!


Sleeping Beauty would be my pick!


Mine is SLEEPING BEAUTY too! :happy:

I just love the 3 fairies, Aurora and Malef! :cool:


It’s all about Maleficent for me ~ she’s so misunderstood…frankly i don’t find her that evil…a spinning wheel is a great gift for a sweet sixteen…it wasn’t like Aurora was registered anywhere…


LMAO!!! :laugh:

it’s all the parents fault for giving her
away to 3 fairies! :laugh:


I love alice and wonderland, but don’t know if I’m older than it or not…lol Sleeping beauty is another favortie for me. I cna remember seeing Jungle Book in the Drive-in with my parents, so I can’t pick that one…lol


Brother Bear.


Okay, okay. I’m older than 5. I would have to say Alice in Wonderland, but it’s a tight race.


Gotta put in a sentimental vote for Lady and the Tramp. I can’t honestly say it’s my favorite, but it’s the first Disney movie I remember being taken to see, so it holds a special place…


I’d have to say Lady and the Tramp.


Sleeping Beauty for me.


Holy cow, that made me feel old ! ! ! ! I guess I’ll say Steamboat Willy, I THINK that is older then me, lol.


Wow this goes back in ancient history. I was born when Moby Dick was a minnow. Not sure but Fantasia or Steam Boat Willie.


Hahaaaaa my range of options is so much more broad… :tongue: :wink:

Mary Poppins. Surprised? :stuck_out_tongue: