Favorite Epcot restaurant?


If you only had time to eat at one Epcot restaurant, which one would it be?


I have been known to walk away from free meals at meetings just to dine at the Tangierine Cafe in Morocco. I think that would be my choice after thinking about the other options, I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather eat.


I like Tangierine Cafe as well but it comes in second to Le Cellier Steakhouse.

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We tried Morocco once, both TS and CS. We thought it was ok, but not a wow.

If someone asked which TS would you like to eat at on disney’s dime, I’d say Le Cellier.

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So many restaurants, so little time. We love Le Cellier and Tutto Italia a lot. We like Rose and Crown for the view.


Rose and Crown does have a great view and can have a wonderful breeze on those hotter days.


The pints of ale do not hurt either


Mines not a table service restaurant, but rather grabbing the fish and chips, and walk over and watch the band (can’t remember their name) past the tea garden in Britain. Nothing like some good food and some music.

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I’ve thought and thought about this and honestly I don’t think I have a single favorite restaurant. We love to walk around and snack on several favorites. I love the ham and cheese croissant in France and my husband likes the udon noodles in Japan. The fish and chips are also a good.


We have three at the top of our list. Le Cellier, Les Chefs de France and Biergarten, all for different reasons.


I haven’t tried them all but I really liked Teppan Edo in Japan out of Mexico, China and France.


It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think I have to go with Le Cellier.


Since I love to snack around the world as a meal I couldn’t narrow it down to one, so I asked DH. He narrowed it down to his 2 usual favorites…I don’t know and it don’t matter.
Next!, moving on to DD3. Her response, “idk I guess that one we ate at last”. You mean the Chinese Restaurant we ran into to get out of the rain because we didn’t have an adr? “yeah, that one”.
I guess we aren’t very adventurous when it comes to food are we :smiley:


I have ordered Garden Grill Entrees.


I think my choice would be Teppenado…please excuse the spelling? Aamazing place