Favorite foods and places for DL and CA?


Hi! I am wondering where to eat on my upcoming DL/CA trip? What are your favorite foods and places? I will be on somewhat of a budget, any ideas for any times of the day would be great! I am hoping they have chocolate croissants as they do at DW! Thanks!


My favorite thing to eat on a budget at DL is the Chicken Fusilli at Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port in Tomorrowland - it’s yummy and filling!! Top it of with a giant star-or-moon-shaped rice krispie treat and you’ll be in heaven. :wub:

The skewers at the Bengal BBQ in Adventureland are a great snack…they’re not super filling for a meal, but they’re a great way to keep full between meals!

Also, DH and I love to hop over to Downtown Disney and get tacos at the quick-service window at Tortilla Jo’s. It’s quite a bit cheaper than anything you’ll find in the parks, and it’s fast and delicious…and you can hop right on the monorail to get back into the park!


They do have chocolate croissants…

My favorite:

Napa Rose
Jazz Kitchen
Blue Bayou

But if you want food and entertainment, go to the Golden Horseshoe Revue just before noon. Reasonable prices, plus a show!

Downtown Disney has a number of exciting restaurants between the two parks.

Look at my trip reports, I’ve eaten at pretty much every restaurant there.


Thank you!


OoOooOo girl, this is my FAVORITE subject in the WORLD, food at the Disneyland Resort!!! I sware by my mamma that the food at DL is 100x’s better than at WDW. If I have time this evening I am even going to include visual supports!

SOOOO, here we go!!!

Breakfast: If you get a chance you MUST do the breakfast with Chip & Dale at Storyteller’s Cafe in the Grand Californian. You can TASTE & smell the local freshness in all of the fruits & vegtables they use in the buffet. They call it a “Farmer’s Market Buffet” for a reason; freshly harvested fruits, freshly baked goodies, all you can eat Mickey waffles, & it just feels like a more “classy” breakfast buffet than ANY other Disney breakfast buffet I’ve ever dined at. The atmosphere is SO cozy with artisan inspired woodwork, a warm fireplace, and all while you enjoy the company of “Woodsy” friends like Chip, Dale, & characters from Brother Bear. (total 5 star breakfast)

Lunch (quick service locations):

I have three that if you don’t try you’ll NEVAH’ know the wonderful things you’re missing:

  • French Market Restaurant (DL Park): Probably some of the BEST fried chicken I’ve had west of the mason dixon line :laugh: with a nice salad, al fresco dining, & TOTALLY relaxing entertainment while you dine. It feels like a “full service” dining experience at a counter service location. Also conveniently located next to the VERY refreshing “Mint Julep” counter.

  • Pacific Wharf Cafe (DCA): 4 words: WARM SOUP… SOFT Breadbowls!! YUMMY! ALL of the bread bowls are baked FRESH on premesis. (I never miss my broccoli cheese soup in a sour dough bowl)

  • Rancho del Zocalo (DL Park): If you’re hungry & you like Mexican food, this is the place! TONS of food, tons of menu choices, never had a bad meal here. It’s also in a very intricately themed dining area which TOTALLY adds to the experience. Once again, almost FEELS like a “full service” dining experience at a counter service location. A couple GREAT salads here too!

Full Service restaurants, my suggestions would be:

Blue Bayou: We’ve always done it for dinner but some people prefer lunch b/c it’s easier to get in at that time & I THINK it may be cheaper at lunch time (that could have changed). If you’ve never been to Disneyland you just have to try Blue Bayou at least once! It’s really, in my opinion, the quintisential & classic Disneyland dining experience. Where else in a Disney park can you dine virtually inside an attraction!??! AWESOMENESS! MAKE PRIORITY SEATING arrangements! the Monte Cristo is to die for, the pork chop is juicy & I just LOVE those Blue Bayou potatoes.

Goofy’s Kitchen (DL Hotel): This is the buffet that is just NOT like your average Disney buffet, seriously. It’s food you don’t feel bad eating, Lots of interesting & healthy options that don’t make you leave feeling like a stuffed pig. I think they may change the offerings often but the last time we were there they had lots more “rustic Californian” dishes, high quality meats (not a lot of visible fat), tons of fresh vegis, & a VERY VERY cool dessert bar. Oh, and you must try a slice of the peanut butter & jelly pizza. :tongue: The other great thing about Goofy’s Kitchen are the characters! A TOTAL menagerie & there are TONS!! I always feel like they just keep coming, and coming, and coming… it’s a blast!

Other full service restaurants I am a fan of; Ariel’s Grotto (DCA), Vineyard Room (DCA), & Hook’s Pointe (DL hotel)

PS: the chocolate coissants can be found at the Blue Ribbon Bakery on Main Street. I always ask “to warm it up a bit” & trust me, they are SOOO good a little warm.


PS: this is a GREAT GREAT resource for ALL Disneyland Resort dining:

Disneyland Resort Menus


I have to echo Dizzy- the skewers at Bengal BBQ. There’s nothing I like better in the park than the bacon-wrapped asparagus skewers with a lemon squeezed over them. The others are good, too, but that’s just heaven on a stick.

But beware- The Bengal BBQ closes early!


I wish I liked asparagus, these sound SOOOO very yummy!


oh this all sounds so great! Thank you! Do you know if they have jalapeno pretzels too?


They have Giant pretzels…

Not sure if they are “flavored”…

There are various other “carts” sprinkled upon the two resorts…

Turkey Legs
Frozen lemonade
Ice cream treats

Hope this helps…


They do have jalapeno pretzels…the only place I can remember seeing them is a cart in Frontierland. :smile:


I havene’t been to the BLue Bayou in a while 3+ years. How have the recent dinners enjoyed it??


I don’t really pay attention to the names of places so you will have to forgive my lack of names… Our favorite sit down dinner was at the Blue Bayou. Its great food and we were able to sit at the tables next to the Pirates of the Carribean ride. It was really nice for my husband since he loves that ride. For breakfest we enjoyed the Lilo and Stitch Breakfest at the Paridise Peir. It had nice character interaction and the food was really good.
We ate at Napa Rose once and it was good. Im not a big fan of fancy restruants so it wasn’t one of my favorite meals. Im more for good home cooking than fancy things. Don’t get me wrong, the food was delicious, its just not my cup of tea and not a place where I would take children. Its very romantic and DH and I enjoyed that. (we went there on our Honeymoon)
Quick service, there is a mexican place at CA behind the tortilla factory that has really good nachos. The hamberger place beside Soarin has some decent food. A lot of the time at Disneyland we would go to the Carnation place at the end of Main St and get Chili bowls which were really good.